Strawberry Fields Forever

I came home from work today to find a delivery of live plants on my doorstep from Thompson & Morgan. Eagle-eyed bargain hunter Rach spotted the offer on Hot UK Deals. 12 Strawberry plants reduced from £7.99 to £1 with an extra 10% off so 90p for 12 plants and free delivery. 10 boxes were ordered and I’ve now got 120 Strawberry plants for £9!! Not bad.

My plan is to grow them on (fingers crossed) and plant down the side of the beech hedge. There’s about 18 inches between the driveway edge and the hedge, not ideal but it’s just wasted space that gets covered in weeds. With a bit of soil improvement I think they’ll do OK there and boost our strawberry production significantly. The variety is Sonata which is a mid-season variety, has anyone tried them?

8 responses to “Strawberry Fields Forever

  1. Haven’t tried Sonata but I hope they thrive and taste lovely – if they don’t you haven’t wasted much have you?

    • It’s worth a gamble, they have some shooting leaves so I guess the roots just need a good soak and they can be put into pots. I might put them in the greenhouse when it’s gets a bit colder just to make sure they get through the winter and then they can be transplanted into their final positions in spring. Not sure whether I need 120 plants though although the girls were eating them for breakfast not long ago!

  2. What a bargain! 120 strawberry plants is an awful lot !

    • I’ve just realised that not sure why Rach when for 10 boxes! If I can grow most of them on successfully then there’ll be a few presents for friends next spring I think.

  3. I get more than enough from ten plants!

    • I know Flighty, it’s now dawning on me that we may have strawberry overload next year, the girls do eat a huge amount though, I never saw any this year so I look forward to grabbing one or two next year at least!

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