A Labour of Love

Growing Dahlias for the first time this year has been a real labour of love. They are not the easiest plants to grow and demand a certain amount of attention to get the best out of them. First I stopped them, then mulched, staked and watered and finally disbudded to get the end result, some cracking flowers. Now that Autumn is approaching I’m just sitting back and letting them do their own thing. Just enjoying them with the occassional pass around the bed to deadhead. Next year I’ll be growing more, just which varieties to choose?


14 responses to “A Labour of Love

  1. Dear Damo, I’ve just come back from our local show and really liked the white dahlias with a faint touch of purple in the centre, and it looks like they’re amongst yours. On their own and in a mixed vase with lilac flowers they were outstanding. My other favourite is “Akita”.

    • Hi Is, I grew Atika in a container and really loved it but it’s run out of steam now after flowering earlier than those in the ground. The cream with faint lilac centres in the 2nd photo are Shooting Star which are my favourites from those I grew this year along with Atika and Hayley Jane.

  2. You’ve grown some lovely ones this year. I can’t decide which variety are my favourites.

    • I know what you mean Jo there are so many to choose from. I think I’ll be buying some more varieties this winter to try out. I’d like some smaller varities and pompom types to grow.

  3. They sure are wonderful looking flowers! If I grew them I’d be hard put to decide which types and varieties to grow. As it is I’m happy to look at the many award winning ones that my plot neighbours grow.

  4. Hi Damo, They’ve obviously loved the attention though, they look great. I really like the cactus ones, and next year we shall hopefully be joining you in growing a few dahlias… no doubt starting with the notorious Bishops!

  5. What about pom pom varieties?

  6. Karen @ The Garden Smallholder

    They are just gorgeous aren’t they?! My parents neighbour grows them out the front, they always make people stop to admire them. I have alway loved Dahlias but always been a wimp to give them a go. Are they very difficult?

    BTW, thanks for your advice on UK Veg Gardeners regarding the Broad Beans 🙂

    • Hi Karen, best of luck with the broad beans. Dahlias aren’t that difficult if you just want to grow and admire them. It starts getting complicated if you want to show them at all but that’s another story. You can grow bedding dahlias from seed, I’ve had no trouble with these apart from warding off slugs when they are growing on in pots before planting out. They grow to 2-3 foot high and produce lovely albeit fairly standard flowers. The larger Dahlias are grown from tubers which can be planted out in the ground 6 weeks before the last frost – the key is don’t let them get caught by frost at all – tubers will need lifting and storing overwinter if you want to guarantee their survival (this probably puts a lot of people off). They are very ‘hungry’ plants, mine were planted where my chicken manure was delivered, and they need staking as they’ll grow between 4 and 6 feet tall. Plenty of water and the odd mulch will keep them happy. Check out by post on Dahlia’s, I’ve grown a wonderful bed of them and it’s my first time so they’re not too difficult and if you need any advice (from a novice mind you) just shout.

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