A well earned break

The garden is starting to wind down now and my mind is thinking of Autumn projects. One or two will be gardening related no doubt like building a decent set of compost bins but there’s other things I want to do like learning the art of foraging for wild food, cooking more meals and brewing my own beer for Christmas. So this blog may become a little bit more diverse over the next few months. But before all that it’s time for a well earned break, and one or two drinks from a selection of real ales I’ve been collecting.

During my younger days I’d drink all sorts, alcopops, when they were all the rage, and lager mainly, but over the last few years I’ve come to appreciate a decent real ale. Now I’m not a member of CAMRA or anything but I know what I like and here’s a few of my favourites that I’ve sampled recently.

Bath Ales Gem & Wild Hare, St. Peter’s Brewery Original Best Bitter, Black Sheep Golden Sheep, Badger’s Golden Champion, Golden Glory & Cricket and Hop Back’s Crop Circle & Summer Lightning. One or my regular reads ‘Caught by the River’ has real ale reviews from time to time if you fancy a change. Cheers!

10 responses to “A well earned break

  1. Enjoy your break. As for the blog becoming more diverse, they say variety is the spice of life.

  2. Are you thinking of going down the full grain route, or just going with a partial mash? Obviously, avoid kits like the plague because they’re cack.

    If you go down the partial mash (a bit of a misnomer; all extract probably sums it up best), you’ll not need half of the really expensive equipment everyone tells you that is required. I get by – for extract brewing – with an 8 gallon pot (I got mine from a catering wholesaler at a very cheap price), a few sheets of cotton muslin and a copper wort chiller (beware, some people want around £50 for them). If you need to know where to get the kit cheapest, let me know.

    If you go all grain, then you’ll need a mash tun, a sparger, a boiler and loads of other stuff. I make an all extract pale ale that’s a killer.

    • Thanks IG, I think partial mash / all extract, I don’t want to get bogged down with loads of kit and a friend up the road has most of what I need. Thanks for the tips, I’m letting Rach make some elderberry wine then it’s full steam ahead.

  3. Good luck with the home brewing…it’s something that I never tried and since I no longer drink nowadays I probably never will.
    When I did drink I always enjoyed trying a real ale when out and about or on holiday. Cheers!

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  5. I really miss brewing. When the kids were tiny I had a great full mash setup in the utility room. I piped water into a 5 gall brewheat on the top of the tall freezer which fed down to another brewheat insulated in newspaper on the washing machine for mashing and then down to a fermenter with a cooling coil running from the bathroom tap on the floor. Gravity feed a la big breweries!
    I stopped when it got harder to ensure they couldn’t get in there and pull stuff down and now my husband is trying to lose weight so he wouldn’t thank me for the temptation!

    • Hi Karen, that sounds great, what a set up! I could do with losing a few pounds so not sure I should be starting either but everything in moderation!

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