First Foraging Trip and Veg Update

I mentioned in my last post that this blog would start to diversify a little as the garden winds down for the winter. One of the things I’ve been interested in for a while now is foraging. Now I’m not talking running the gaunlet with wild mushrooms just yet but simple “get out into the fresh air and fill up some plastic tubs with stuff” type foraging.

So off we went for a drive and stopped in the first likely looking spot by a track alongside a lovely looking hedgerow.

Chloe spotted them first, although Emily didn’t seem too interested……….


Whilst the girls sat down to share the blackberry spoils I went about stripping a couple of kilos of elderberries from the hedge. A batch of wine was the goal, more on that next time.

We spotted a nice patch of teasels and lots of sloes and rosehips we’ll be back for.

On the veg plot I decided to tackle the front bed which I’ve been neglecting for a while. The sprouting broccoli are getting quite large now so I earthed them up and staked them to protect from rocking. This year I’m growing early white and late purple varieties. The sweetcorn came out, I’ll be growing more next year as it was superb. The last of the cabbages will make some more coleslaw.

Still not sure what I’m doing with the celery, it must be a self-blanching variety as it tastes quite good.

I tidied up the brussels and picked the first handful which the girls loved with their roast dinner. Elsewhere in the garden I belatedly staked the raspberry canes, took out the sweet peas and red orach and started to pot up 120 strawberry plants! After which I deserved a sit down with a beer. More foraging and brewing to come!


12 responses to “First Foraging Trip and Veg Update

  1. The celery looks impressive and at the moment the jury is out on our sprouts.

    • Thanks Sue, our sprouts taste good and look OK so far. As always with me planted early and are bursting out of the mesh tunnel that seems to have protected them well from the pigeons and cabbage whites. I hope yours turn out OK.

  2. Lovely photo of the girls foraging. It’s good to teach them such things.

  3. Dear Damo, Brambles make lovely jelly too. As a new mum with a baby feeding every 2 hours, I survived on “jeely pieces” and lots of tea. Happy days (now that they’re 20-odd years ago!)

  4. My word you were busy!
    Foraging can be very worthwhile and there are some good books on the subject.
    The brussel sprouts look superb so it’s little wonder that they were enjoyed.
    Well done all round, I think that a beer was fully deserved!

  5. Looks like you had a fantastic time foraging. Spent last weekend picking elderberries, blackberries, pears and apples myself. Got some nice wines fermenting away already 😀

  6. Wow! How neat of a garden you have!! I have never seen brussel sprouts growing. How cute! Great blog you have here!!

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