The House of Orange

It’s all things orange this week on the veg plot. The peppers are finally ripening, a variety called Etiuda, which turn a lovely orange colour.

And for the first time I’m growing Scotch Bonnet chilli peppers.

Last but not least another first for me, pumpkins, these are Rouge Vif d’Etamps grown from seeds Maureen kindly sent me.


11 responses to “The House of Orange

  1. Those pumpkins look like something out of a fairytale, real Cinderella coaches. Always fancied trying them, will definitely give them a bash next year.

  2. What sort of size are the pumpkins? Take care with those chillies – they fight back!

    • Hi Sue, the biggest is 32 inches circumference and weighs 15 pounds. I love chillies but have never had fresh Scotch Bonnet before so will be interesting to see how hot they are!

  3. Hope you’ll let us know how you get on with the scotch bonnet chillis – I’m growing some, for interest, and an African neighbour assures me that they’re the chilli peppers from the fires of hell! Your photos are wonderfully vibrant, so nice to see a bit of sunshine!

  4. I hope that they all taste as good as they look!

  5. Hi Carolyn, thank you very much, the scotch bonnet should come with a warning, I’m well versed on chillies but I think the these will be a step too far for me, we’ll see!

  6. All nice and colourful. I’ve had a few ripe peppers already but there’s lots more still on the plant which are refusing to ripen. The Chilis are only just starting to ripen now.

    • Thanks Jo, it’s been a bit slow in August and September as we haven’t had that much decent sun so ripening is behind I think. Hopefully it’ll all come good in the next few weeks before the cold weather sets in.

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