Harvest Festival

Some of my veg took centre stage at a local Harvest Festival this weekend in a lovely display arranged by a friend at All Saints church in Whiteparish, near Salisbury. The chillies, courgettes, celery, aubergine, squash and runner beans are all from the plot and after the festival the local WI souped the ingredients from the displays in aid of various charities. Good to see the spare veg going to a good cause!


14 responses to “Harvest Festival

  1. Those squash look a fair old size, and a good shape too. I wouldn’t have let those go.

    • I’ve got quite a few to be honest, we’ve gone off the roasted courgette/squash after so much over the summer. I’m not usually this charitable with my veg though!

  2. A welcome, and much appreciated, contribution I’m sure! It’s good to know that it was all put to good use afterwards as well.

  3. You managed to grow celery successfully – I’m impressed. We can’t even grow celeriac on our plot

  4. That’s a lovely idea, they all look wonderful and great that they go to a good home afterwards too.

  5. What a wonderful display. Glad that it didn’t go to waste afterwards, I’m sure there were some grateful people.

  6. Gorgeous! The WI must have been delighted with these goodies.

  7. Hi Damien, those pumpkins look fantastic, I’m so glad they grew so well for you. Don’t forget to save some seeds for next year as that particular one is quite expensive to buy. If you would like to try the Turks Head next year I will send you some seeds, let me know if you want some.

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