Too Many Peppers?

I have a bit of a pepper glut going on at the moment as the greenhouse plants start to ripen. There’s Californian Wonder (Red), Etuida (Orange), and Yellow Bell Peppers so I have a great mix of colours. Some went into a spag bol for the girls but I wanted to enjoy them in more of an adult dish.

We’ve just had roasted peppers with chillies and tomatoes from Jamie Oliver’s “Jamie at Home” book and they were really good.

A great way to use up your peppers!!


15 responses to “Too Many Peppers?

  1. I’ve got some peppers just ripening at the moment. I’m going to grow more next year as I’ve really enjoyed them this year.

  2. ummmmm, you can keep the spag bol I want what you have too – yummmy! When can I come round? 😉

    • You’re always welcome Carrie. We don’t eat like this every night though! Just realised from the photo I forgot the rocket, it’s still in the fridge!

  3. Damo, your blog always has something on it to make me hungry, how can I possibly start a diet when exposed to this material? lol.

    • Diets are for summer Craig, all those salads to eat. I’m in a curry phase at the moment which isn’t exactly health food. Best of luck though!

  4. Looks good but I’d stick with the spag bol!

  5. I like to make a Delia dish with peppers, I think it was from Piedmont.. just put olive oil, garlic, tomato and anchovy in the half pepper and roast

  6. I am thinking about building some sort of grow-building with lights for tomatoes, peppers and chillis. I work from home, but have outgrown my shed and so am moving to an office. This means I have a 4 x 4 metre cabin going begging for the purpose!

  7. We don’t seem to have a lot of success with bell peppers so have grown long thin ones – would be really difficult to stuff them!

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