Don’t Lose Your Bottle

With the brew ready it’s time to bottle up. Final measurements were taken and according to the formula I quoted in my first post I’ve got a beer around 5.5%ABV. Not bad for a beginner.

Before I could syphon the beer into bottles they needed cleaning. I managed to borrow 40 bottles, caps etc from a friend but the bottles had been in the shed for a few years.  Thankfully Rach stepped in and with some broken up denture cleaning tablets we let nature take its course and soon the bottles were sparkling again. Then they were sterlised and rinsed out. Lastly I added 1/2 tsp of sugar to each bottle before syphoning the beer from the fermenting bucket into each one and capping off.

I’m giving them another couple of weeks before the first tasting session and if all goes well they’ll be consumed in the run up to Christmas. Or, if luck isn’t on my side, they’ll all go down the drain!


18 responses to “Don’t Lose Your Bottle

  1. Welcome to the club Damo 😀

    My homemade wines are coming along very nicely, though it will be some time before I get to try them, damn! lol 😀

    Get yourself a brother label maker, and give them your own brand! 😀

  2. Wow, very cool. I’ve never tried this before…

  3. Fingers crossed that it tastes ok. Are you getting some more on the go for Christmas?

    • If it tastes good I will do definitely as it is so much cheaper. I’d like to progress to nearer the real thing rather than using a kit so watch this space!

  4. You can make labels for your bottles using MS Word and sheets of sticky labels too – we use them to label any preserves and pickles. Click on the mailing stab and you have the option of envelopes and labels.

  5. I used to find the whole ‘cleaning’ bit of brewing a right faff, especially rinsing bottles about 10 times each. Recently I discovered Star San, an acidic sanitizer that takes around 30 seconds to do the job, and needs no rinsing. When a liquid of a different pH mixes with it, it neuralises the Star San. I’ve put beer in a bottle filled with Star San foam just to see what it did to the taste, and I couldn’t detect it.

  6. How exciting! I’ll make sure to keep checking back!

  7. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy them! Cheers!

  8. Fingers crossed that all of your good work doesn’t go to waste and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

  9. Many years ago, when I used to make home-brew regularly, I used to let it do it’s final in-bottle fermentation in the bathroom because it was warm. It always worked very well until……

    On one particular occasion I’d been watching telly downstairs, laid out almost horizontal. Time passed and I became aware that I could do with a pee, but whatever the programme was it was too good to get up for. Eventually it ended and I was by then desperate for a pee. Got up and ran upstairs. Unfortunately I ran up so fast that I left my blood-pressure (horizontal, remember) downstairs and just as I began to ‘download’ I passed out, fell over sideways, cracked my head on the radiator and landed in the beer bottles.

    My wife, alarmed by the thudding & cursing came upstairs to find me lying on the floor in a mess of broken beer bottles, and beer, and with blood pouring from the back of my head. And trousers undone.

    Do try to avoid that combination!!!!

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