Curry of the Week – On the Road

No home cooking in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been on the road for a few curries instead. First was The Royal Jaipur (7/10) in Landford, New Forest where I had a Gosth Chilli Fry. Followed by two curries in Salisbury, a lamb chilli balti at the Shah Jahan (8/10) and Laal Mans, (a lovely Rajastahni-style slow cooked lamb dish), at Hox Brasserie (8/10).

Then it was up to Derby and a Sheekh Tawa at The Raj (6/10) in Allestree. The following day we paid a visit to Christchurch Meadow, home of ‘the Nailers’, the mighty Belper Town F.C., who reside in the Evo-Stik League. They beat Shepshed Dynamo 2-1 watched by 217 hardy souls. Pukka Pies supplied the half-time snacks but it wasn’t the greatest game I’ve ever seen although it was good to get back to grass roots football after the World Cup debacle, the Wayne Rooney saga etc.

On the way home I dropped a friend in Leicester, just off Narborough Road, and replenished my spice cupboard from one of the many Indian grocery shops.

And I couldn’t visit Leicester without a trip to Ajay’s Sweetmart (111, Narborough Road, LE3 OPA), who makes the best vegetable samosas I have ever tasted. He was doing a roaring trade in the run up to Diwali. We’ve been going there for years, and he also does a mean Onion Bhaji, or a pepper stuffed with peanut masala, and for the brave, a fiery Potato Bomb. Well worth stopping by if you are in town!


10 responses to “Curry of the Week – On the Road

  1. Have you ever thought of renaming this blog Damo’s curry tour of Britain? ;>) I expect we’ll be seeing lots more curry recipes in the coming weeks now you’ve stocked up on spices!

    No mention of the Mill in the background at Belper? Cracking building.

    • That’s an idea as there’s not much happening on the veg front at the moment! The East Mill at Belper is a great building, it’s good to see these mills still standing, part of our heritage.

  2. I went to Malaysia for the Sepang MotoGP a couple of years ago, and went up to Penang after for Diwali. Every house we passed saw us dragged infor some truly inspiring food. I put on a few pounds, I can tell you!

  3. That’s a serious amount of spices, should keep you going for a while.

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  5. Can second the recommendation for Ajay’s I love their samosas too.

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