What’s Left? Autumn & Winter Veg

The garden has been a bit neglected recently with my trip away so this morning I had a good clear up. There’s not much left now just the Autumn and Winter veg. I took down the runner and french beans and have about a 100 pods to take beans from for stews and soups over winter. The kale and chard looked a bit miserable so I stripped the worst of the damage and they’ll survive for a while to give some welcome winter greens. There’s around 70 parsnips which I’m looking forward to harvesting to go with the roast dinner tomorrow. I always wonder about parsnips as they take up space for pretty much the whole year but the doubt is disspelled when they come out of the roasting tray!

In the front bed I harvested the last of the beetroot.

They won’t win any prizes but will provide some welcome colour and sweetness on the plate at this time of year.

I tidied up the brussels which had fallen over.

There’s some good sized sprouts already.

And the sprouting broccoli has survived the cabbage white attack.

The Onion sets I planted a few weeks ago have sprouted nicely, I am hoping they survive the winter.

The Jerusalem Artichokes are looking good, still in flower, and will provide another different vegetable over the long winter months. Well worth growing as they are very easy, I gave them no attention at all, and provide a useful screen about 6-8 feet tall.

Rach is making pumpkin soup today. I grew Rouge Vif d’Etamps from the seed Maureen sent me. They look great and I’m sure the soup will taste lovely.

If you would like some seeds to try next year just send me an email with your address and I’ll post some to you. I have loads to go around and they are a great variety for anyone trying pumpkins for the first time or looking to expand their number of varieties.

Have a great weekend!

12 responses to “What’s Left? Autumn & Winter Veg

  1. We still have some lettuce and plenty of cabbage and carrots too but I’m envious of your sprouts!

    • Thanks Sue I’m quite pleased with them as they have been completely neglected and were virtually lieing on the floor before I staked them which is why they are all bent. I think I’m going to give up growing carrots as I can never get them to any size in decent enough numbers, most are like sticks!

  2. Hi there, would love some of your rouge vif d’etampes seeds if still available.

  3. What a great haul of beetroot. I didn’t get round to sowing any this year, which I’m really annoyed about as I love the stuff.

  4. You surely didn’t harvest 70 parsnips for dinner today!
    There’s still plenty going on by the look of things despite the time of year and the weather!

    • Hi Flighty, at a quick count there’s about 70 to harvest but I only take about half a dozen at a time so that’s a dozen Sunday roast dinners which should get us to the end of January!

  5. It’s great to hear that the pumpkins grew well for you and that you are now sharing your seeds too, amazing huh ? I love pumpkins and squashes, I could eat some every day. They are so versatile and tasty and aren’t eaten enough here in the UK.

    I have still got two rows of beetroot to go yet, but I’ve pulled most of the large ones and because I didn’t bother thinning them out I have lots of little baby ones. I notice you don’t have any covering on your brussels or PSB mine would be eaten by pigeons if I took my enviromesh off.
    Have a good week-end.

    • Hi Maureen, the pumpkins have been really tasty in soup or just roasted. And I now have loads of seeds to share around which is great. Thanks again for sending them to me.

      The brussels and PSB are covered with enviromesh tunnels which had been taken off for an Autumn clean up. Now I’ve staked the brussels they are too tall for the tunnel so I’m going to risk it but the PSB is back under cover. The first year I grew it I witnessed woodpigeons landing on top of the PSB and just sitting there pecking away so I know they will go for it again if I let them. I don’t think the brussels would support their weight so they would only peck from the ground so I think I can chance it. We’ll see, nice to have some veg growing through the winter though!

  6. Hi Damo
    still hoping to get some pumpkin seeds from you!

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