Save Our Forests

One issue that’s struck a chord with me recently is the “save our forests” campaign. I first read about it over at Caught by the River and I immediately signed the petition. If you’d like to read more about the proposed government sell-off of our forests click here or here.

Add your name to the petition here.

I then received this email which sums it up quite nicely:

“Our Save our Forests petition is growing really fast. Almost 35,000 of us have signed in less than a week. Our campaign is growing so fast it’s getting talked about in the national papers.

We’re proving that the public doesn’t want our forests sold off. If enough of us get involved in this campaign, we can make the government back down.

Now we need to prove we are not just a flash in the pan. Let’s aim to get past 50,000 signatures this week. That will show the government this campaign is going to keep growing until they change their plans.

Please can you help protect forests for wildlife and future generations by asking more people to sign the petition?

Please forward this link and ask your friends to sign by clicking here:

If you use Facebook, please also share the petition on your profile by clicking here:

If you use Twitter, please also send a “Tweet” about the petition by clicking here:

Ancient forests like the Forest of Dean and Sherwood Forest are national treasures. Once they’re gone, they are lost forever. A huge petition will force the government to rethink. If we can prove how strongly thousands of us are against this, we can make them back down”.

Please take a couple of minutes to add your voice to the campaign.


14 responses to “Save Our Forests

  1. SIGNED IT!! and tweeted it to others – fingers crossed x

    • I couldn’t believe it when I read about it, I know we’re almost bankrupt as a nation but this is criminal. If enough people sign up they will have to do a U-turn won’t they?

  2. Signed it. Thanks Damo for bringing this to our attention; it’ll be a national disgrace if this goes ahead.

  3. Nice spot Damo. Signed and publicised via Facebook and Twitter.

    More a case of morally bankrupt this lot.

  4. Signed it Damo and emailed the link to friends will also post on Facebook and pop a link on my blogs and sites.

    I suppose the government need to get money from somewhere to pay for the photography bills

  5. The internet, blogs, facebook, twitter etc. are great ways to get publicity for campaigns such as this. Off to do it now.

  6. Crazy! I’ve signed the petition, and Facebooked and retweeted it!

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