All Fired Up!

Not much happens in the sleepy little village of Firsdown, South Wiltshire, so when a bus caught fire a few yards up the road from our house it was front page news!

This all happened just before 9 a.m. yesterday. The Wilts & Dorset skipper bus broke down and quickly caught fire. Rachel managed to catch the drama just before she took the girls swimming.

Eventually the firemen were on the scene. Fortunately the 5 children on the bus had been evacuated to safety at the first signs of smoke. With the fire out just the shell of the bus remained…………


12 responses to “All Fired Up!

  1. Good grief, not what you expect to see in the morning – or at any other time! Must have been scary for the kids on the bus, but then again they now have dynamite playground bragging rights.

  2. Thank goodness noone was hurt.

  3. Any idea how that happened so quickly.

  4. Honestly, the youth of today! We used to walk to school!

    Mind you, it’s exciting in small villages when something unusual happens. I remember when we awoke one morning to find a dustbin had blown down the road. For about 20 minutes no one knew whose it was. Then the owner collected it. Happy days!

    • I know what you mean IG, there’s almost a riot every recycling day in winter with the amount of bins, boxes and lids flying around the village!

  5. Not the best way to start the day even if it was exciting to see!

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