One Year On!

It’s been one year today since I started this blog. I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed it having never kept a diary or been much of a writer in my younger days. It’s just a gardening journal really with a few other bits and bobs thrown in. This is my 132nd post and you’ve popped across over 10,000 times. Thank-you for reading and commenting. I’ve also enjoyed reading your blogs; here’s to a great year and an even better 2011!

Over the last year I’ve grown some great (and not so great) veg and flowers, won some prizes, given one or two things away and generally enjoyed my time with family and friends.

So how did I spend my anniversary? I picked some veg of course for tomorrow’s roast dinner.

Those sprouts and parsnips are going to taste good. And while the girls had some friends around I took my dog Polo for a walk in nearby Bentley Wood.

We’re lucky to live only 10 minutes away from such a special place. At 1700 acres it’s one of the largest areas of unbroken woodland in Wiltshire, an SSSI, and home to rare butterflies such as the Purple Emporer, White Admiral and Pearl-bordered Fritillary. It was too late for the deer rut which dominates the wood in October but the small birds were on good form and I managed to spot one of my favourites, the Jay.

I think Autumn is becoming my favourite season. There’s still interest in the veg plot and garden, it’s a great time for foraging and when the leaves are coming off the trees you can see so much more wildlife in places like Bentley Wood.

There’s only one contender in my garden for the most colour over the next few weeks. I love this Japonica.

My local Horticultural Society held their AGM & Supper last night. We had a lovely meal and some great company. I was elected to the committee so if you have any good ideas for events or new show classes we could do next year let me know.

I think 2011 is going to be an even busier one!


23 responses to “One Year On!

  1. “having never kept a diary or been much of a writer in my younger days.”

    Well done on reaching this milestone Damo, I think you do a very good job with your blog. My babbling on as I do on my Dykes Edge allotment blog comes quite naturally, only hope I don’t bore you all too much! lol.

    I previously run my own magazine and major website, so i’ve had a bit of practice, shhhh 😉

    Keep up your good work bud!

  2. Well done Damo. I think the blogging format makes writing easier because you can easily include pictures and get feedback unlike a regular journal.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts.

  3. Happy one year olg bloggy day. I shall celebrate later with a few bottle of Tanglefoot. I was going to have a day off the beer, but now I must celebrate!

  4. Happy birthday Damo! (well it is a blog birthday right?)

    Looking forward to reading your blog for many more years to co me (with luck).

    Also, congratultions on joining the committee!

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    Here’s to another year of blogging and growing wonderfully difficult to peel parsnips (Do they ever grow properly?!) – Cheers!


  6. Happy anniversary – time flies when you are having a good time. I started my blog in August 2006 and it seems like only yesterday!!!

  7. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to many more posts to come.

  8. Well done, I’ve certainly enjoyed visiting here and long may I continue to do so!
    You’re lucky to have such a great place to walk on your doorstep, and jays are among my favourites as well.
    Another well done on being elected to your horticultural society committee.
    All in all another busy and interesting post!

  9. happy blogoversary!!!

  10. Happy blogday, Dynamo. I’ve enjoyed your escapades . Real ale and real gardening.

  11. Wow – these parsnips look amazing!

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