Snow Dust & Slow Times

I expect it’s a sign of things to come that we woke up to a good dusting of snow down here in South Wiltshire. I’ve lived here for 24 years now and only remember about 5 winters were we’ve had good snowfalls. Just south of the Plain means the lower ground and slightly warmer temperatures protect us to a certain degree. Last winter was probably the worst I’ve seen here and the recent cold temperatures don’t bode well for the months to come.

Most things in the garden have slowed down to a stop. Only the birds are busy making the most of the replenished feeders. Just Blue and Great Tits this morning plus the ever present Robin; he loves the fat-filled half coconut on the bird table. There’s always some clearing or tidying to do but today is not one of those days, it’s a day to be inside and get one or two important jobs done, the main one being to re-commission the woodburner for another winter’s use. On a cold winter’s night there’s nothing better than a roaring log fire, maybe a glass of sloe gin and a good book or film.

A few Brussel Sprouts and Parsnips to gather for dinner and one of the Summer Squash will come out of store for roasting. Rach has made bread again which will go nicely with the courgette soup thawing out for a reminder of summer.

Here’s a few photos of the garden this morning. Things are looking a bit forlorn now and there’s not much colour around.

And I’d like to leave you with a few well written words over at one of my favourite websites, this is beautiful writing which sums up my mood at this time of year very nicely.

Have a great weekend!


15 responses to “Snow Dust & Slow Times

  1. Nothing forlorn about your Mahonia or your Sedum! I think your’re right about staying inside though, hard to beat snuggling up in front of a roaring fire with a glass of something and a good book. I wimped out of pressure-washing the path and patio because I couldn’t face all that water and the cold on top! I made bread instead…

    • There’s another loaf of bread in the oven as I type, you can’t beat homemade fresh bread. Best stay indoors for the next week or so. I can see the Mahonia from the kitchen window so there’s a bit of colour still.

  2. Oh Damo petal I shall take a photo of the back garden for you and do a little blog on Monday – then you shall see how dire the suitation can really get, hahahahha

  3. Our mahonia is just tightly closed buds which I hope the birds will allow to open!

  4. The little birds go mad for it at the moment, they love the yellow flowers, fortunately the woodpigeons stick to the honeysuckle on the fence.

  5. I think that the cold is freezing my brain as I read this yesterday then forgot to comment!
    It’s good to see that there still some colour in the garden.
    I like the sound of of the woodburner as there’s nothing like a real fire, and a good book, when the weather is like this.

  6. We’ve got quite a bit of snow here and there’s more falling too. I could do with a ‘real’ fire to sit in front of.

    • Hi Jo, we’ve not had any proper snow but there is some forecast tonight. I couldn’t be without the woodburner at this time of the year, it kicks out some serious heat!

  7. We now have tons of snow. I quite like it. Mrs IG is “oop North” and can’t get back, and I have something like 90 pints of home-made pale ale.

    It’s tough.

    • Very tough IG, it’s going to be a struggle! We’ve now had 6 inches which is good going for South Wilts in early December. The usual chaos ensued.

  8. A good dusting, eh? We’ve between 18″ & two feet of the stuff. I think I still have a car but can’t actually see it anymore.

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