Empire Building!

Rather than dig up any more of the garden which Rach and the girls wouldn’t be particularly happy about I am hoping to expand the Two Chances Empire in couple of new directions. One is a possible plot share with a local chap who I’m being put in touch with. And I have just put my name down on the allotment waiting list. This site is in the next village and is quite small, between 30 and 40 plots but I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I get a chance at a half plot. It’s in a great setting, down a quiet country lane with no fences and great views:

Just up the lane from the allotments is Bentley Wood and we went for a lovely walk in the snow (I know there’s no snow in this picture but there was plenty out of the trees).

And finally I managed to snap the friendly Robin through the kitchen window. He’s a regular visitor to our bird table.


19 responses to “Empire Building!

  1. Aww, idyllic photos – love it.

  2. Fingers crossed that you won’t have a long wait Damo!

    Are there no fences around the site or is it just round the individual plots?

    • Hope not Sue. There’s a small barbed wire fence between the field and site but the side of the site against the lane is open. There’s a shared lock up for tools and that’s about it. Very rural which is nice but I can’t put a shed up which has always been a personal ambition!

  3. Ha ha, I knew it wouldn’t be long before you’d be looking into expanding on to an allotment. The garden’s never big enough when you want to ‘grow your own’. You call that site small? Our site has six plots! I hope you’re not waiting too long for a plot to become available. Ah, nice to see the robin.

    • Thanks Jo you’re right the garden was never going to be enough. 6 plots now that is small, I’m just comparing our village site with the ones in town which must be 100 plots+.

  4. Good luck! Our village allotment plot has 16, all full, and I have been on the waiting list for 2 years and counting… I’ll be looking in to Landshare opportunities in the New Year! Growing in pots on the over-crowded patio is just not cutting it…

    • I hope you can get a share or a plot soon. I’m optimistic as they housed 5 new people this year and only have me and one other on the list. Fingers crossed!

  5. I know that you could do with the extra growing space so fingers crossed that you get one or the other, or both, sooner rather than later!

  6. I do hope you get your allotment plot, but where will you find time to do more ? you already grow an amazing amount in your garden. You will have to retire early !!!

    • A distant dream unfortunately Maureen unless our numbers come up on Saturday! I’ll find the time and as the girls get older we can make it a family affair.

  7. Ah the battle of space with the wife and children over the garden… It was only a matter of time! Sheds are over-rated though Damo, you end up spending too much time in the shed and not enough time digging ;>)

    • I must admit I’ve had the odd dose in the garage workshop listening to Radio 5 on a Saturday afternoon. Got an old fishing chair with a lambswool seat cover which is perfect for a snooze. So you’re right a shed would be an excuse to laze about rather than get on with the essential jobs!

  8. The little ones seem to be setting out with purpose!


  9. Finally found out how to comment on your site mate
    Empire building? looks like you are trying to take over
    Good luck with everything
    PS I’l have some of those curry recipes from you

    • I’ll do my best Darren. Nowhere near as technical as your approach, I’ll give you a mention on my next post. Whilst most of us are tucked up indoors bemoaning the weather you’re out there building an amazing set up for some prize winning veg. I have no doubt you’ll be winning with that sort of preparation. Best of luck!

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