More Snow and Seeds Have Arrived

More snow fell in South Wilts yesterday morning around 6am, a couple of inches creating a beautiful scene across the gardens and fields.

But that didn’t stop the Royal Mail delivering my seeds. I order through my local Horticultural Society who get 50% off all seeds from Dobies.

It’s that time of year when plans are made and many a packet of seed is bought which may, or may not, get used. The new varieties for this year are:

Mangetout – Oregon Sugar Pod
Runner Bean – Moonlight
Dwarf French Bean – Purple Teepee and Borlotto Firetongue
Swede – Invitation
Tomato – Golden Peardrop and F1 Incas
Sweetcorn – F1 Earlibird
Lettuce – Webbs Wonderful
Rocket – Runway
Aubergine – F1 Bonica
Brussel Sprouts – Bedford
Celery – Loretta
Beetroot – Burpee’s Golden

These will be added to the 50-odd varieties already in the seed box. I’m going to need to organise myself next year! What new varieties are you planning too grow?


12 responses to “More Snow and Seeds Have Arrived

  1. It looks like you’ve had more snow than us this time round, only a sprinkle here, though enough to freeze over and cause havoc. I haven’t sorted my seeds out yet, that’s something to do over the Christmas period.

    • Could do with some milder weather now to get some digging done and I wanted to get my shallots in this weekend but no chance. I’ve got a couple of days off work this week so I’m hoping to get them planted before Christmas.

  2. Fed up of snow although the snow here is nothing at all it’s the freezing cold temperatures.

    Still to finalise our seed order – we buy mostly from KIngs as we get 50% off their stuff courtesy our gardening group membership

  3. There were several inches here yesterday morning which looks like being around all week, and needless to say it caused the usual chaos.
    I’d guess that the seeds were far more welcome, and look to be an interesting selection.
    I’ll be growing parsnips and swedes for the first time.

    • I’ve grown parsnips every year and they are always a welcome winter veg, probably my favourite and I’ll be devoting more room to them next year. I didn’t grow swede this year and really miss it now so I’ll be back to swede next year. Best of luck with both of the new veg!

  4. I’ve still not finalised my list for tomatoes or chillies… Too many options and too little space! I want them all….

  5. You’re ahead of the game, Damo. I leave ordering my seeds until AFTER Christmas, simply because I like to spend some hours over the holiday period going over those seed catalogues again and again, agonising over what I can or cannot squeeze into the sowing plan for the forthcoming year. I usually end up with more seeds than I need, but it’s an enjoyable process nonetheless.

  6. You’re definitely ahead of the game! But isn’t it great? I love ordering seeds, and that moment when they’re all delivered – it’s like being a kid again!

    I’m getting most of mine from Seeds of Italy nowadays. Prices are good, some unusual varieties as well as normal stuff and the quantities are very generous.

    Have a great Xmas

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