So did you get what you wanted?

Well that’s another Christmas over, so did you get what you wanted?

On the gardening front Rach gave me a pair of Felco No2 secateurs which are fantastic. I have four pairs of cheap and battered secateurs in the garage which annoy and frustrate me every time I use them. They will now go in the bin and I’ll never need to buy another pair again. I’d recommend these as a must buy for any gardener, they’re in a different league to anything I’ve used before.

The Gardman frost guard will come in handy in spring to get some tender veg underway and I was also given some more seeds, well you can never have enough can you! A leaf salad mix, sunflowers and sweet peas.

Carol Klein’s “Grow Your Own Garden” will teach me some propagation techniques, I must admit I’m a bit lost with cuttings etc so this will be a great help.

I was also given a copy of Jamie’s America which has loads of great recipes to try and Mike Harding’s Walking the Peak and Pennines. Regular readers will know I’m a keen hill walker currently completing the Pennine Way in stages so this book will be well thumbed over the winter months.

I hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and got what you wanted from Santa!!


6 responses to “So did you get what you wanted?

  1. A good pair of secateurs really are an essential garden tool and these are among the best of them.
    All Carol Klein’s books are worth reading and this one will soon get you propagating!
    Is that a packet of sunflower ‘Pastiche’ I see there? If so they’re a wonderful variety that I grow every year.
    I had a quiet and relaxing time, and I was obviously a good boy this year as Santa left me a few presents!

    • Thanks Flighty glad to hear you had a good time. They are Harlequin F1 Hybrid, they look colourful so I’m hoping to get a good show from them next year.

  2. You watch your fingers with them secateurs! 😀 I am sure they are mighty sharp and clean cut! Got plenty that I wanted, can’t wait to get using my utility truck on the plot lol, previously blogged 😀

    All the best for the new year!

  3. We didn’t greatly bother with presents this year as we’re renovating the bathroom and going away soon, but I did manage to get vodka and a few bits for the bike.

    Instead, Christmas was all about meat this year!

    • A bottle of vodka sounds good. I know what you mean about meat, I’ve eaten more of the stuff in the last few days than I have in months and there’s still half a fridge full!

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