Store Check

Happy New Year everyone! With all the celebrations going on it’s the time of year when your stored veg can get a bit neglected. So it’s worth taking a peek now to make sure you don’t end up with a rotten mess that’s fit for nothing.

Take the last of my pumpkins and squash for example.

They are starting to turn and need to be roasted or souped as soon as possible. Well worth a check, if I’d have left them another week or two they would have been useless.

With the first day of the New Year collective thoughts turn to shaking off that Christmas excess and the National Trust can help. At one of our local NT sites, Mottisfont Abbey, near Romsey, Hampshire, they’ve built a “Trim Trail” so you can power walk in the beautiful surroundings and stop off at a number of exercise points along the way. Click here for more information.

Best wishes for 2011.


8 responses to “Store Check

  1. A welcome reminder as it’s always worth doing periodic checks on all fruit and veg. Earlier today I checked the remaining onions and potatoes that I still have stored.

    I’ll catch up with your past couple of posts tomorrow when I’ll be less preoccupied and have more time!

    Cheers, and happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year!
    Small world – we checked ours yesterday too, and just in time. I feel a Squash and Ginger Soup coming on.

  3. If only I had some squashes to check! Maybe next year… For now I’ll have to make do with parsnips (not that that is such a penance)

  4. Hi Damo, Indeed we lost our remaining butternut squashes and pumpkins just last week – obviously not vigilant enough here! The Crown Prince squashes are looking much happier, but I suspect that it is time to start using them up too before they too start to turn…

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