A New Year……..and a New Blog!

Well why not? It’s a bit like children, when you have one you may as well have a second!

Regular readers will know I’m now a member of the Winterslow & District Horticultural Society Committee. As I already have a blog up and running I was appointed website officer and I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog to keep members and the general public updated on upcoming events and involved in garden-related discussions. I’m hoping it will be a way of attracting new members to the Society particularly the young families just discovering the benefits of growing their own fruit and veg for example.

So please click here and take a look. Anyone can join in the discussion and I’d welcome any comments and suggestions you have for future content. It’s early days yet but I’m hoping it will be a success!


10 responses to “A New Year……..and a New Blog!

  1. Good luck with the new blog. I’m sure anyone local who stumbles up on it will be attracted to join the society.

  2. Looks like a good start Damo – Must admit January is a very rarely do anything in the garden month for us . We hibernate a bit like hedgehogs.

    • Hi Sue, thanks very much. I ventured out in the garden today (Day 3 of Manflu!) and did a few jobs. There’s so much to do already as I slacked off too much in the Autumn. Hibernation sounds good to me!

  3. Looks good; we can check in for handy hints about what we should be doing!!

    Are you going to put a permanent link to it from your own blog?

    • Thanks Woody, there’s a link on the sidebar just after categories. I’ll mention it from time to time in my own posts as and when there’s something of interest.

  4. A good idea, and it all looks fine to me!
    I wish that my horticultural society would have a dedicated website but if I suggested that then I can see me ending up doing it so I just thinking about it at present.

  5. I must try to find a society near me that isn’t filled to bursting with crust-addled geriatrics! I don’t want to be rejected twice!

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