So much to do!

Well with a new season looming and the last few weeks of preparation wiped out by the weather there’s so much to do on the plot.

I’m glad to say that the PSB has bounced back, it was looking pretty forlorn in the cold weather, but I’m hoping to get a decent crop off a couple of the larger plants. It’s the only resident left in the front bed as I harvested the last of the Brussel Sprouts.

In the back garden I cleared the remainder of the kale and harvested a few more parsnips. So just the snips and PSB left from last year and overwintering onion sets and broad beans, with a few garlic coming through that I planted in March only never to appear in the summer. I’ve cleared the rest of the beds and will add some more well rotted chicken manure around the plot. I tested the soil in January last year and it had a pH of 7.7 so I’m happy to keep adding manure to bring the alkalinity down but I’d like to have another go at testing to see if it’s making any difference. Adding manure is a job I’d normally have done in November but with the rock solid ground it was impossible. It’s almost like soil it’s so rotted down so I will get away with it.

I’m also making plans for some prize winning veg growing. I’ve ordered some stump carrot (Sweet Candle) and parsnip (Gladiator) seed from Medwyns. I’m planning on growing the carrots in a couple of old dustbins I have and the parsnips in drainage pipes sunk into sand in a raised bed. More on that later.

I’ve taken inspiration from reading blogs written by people who show veg as a serious pastime and have been impressed by the dedication and hours they put in and their openess to share all the top secrets. I am only planning a very small effort by comparison and entering a local show or two. I met fellow Salisbury blogger Darren for the first time this morning, had a brew on his allotment and then saw his parsnip/carrot set up back at home. Having grown on an allotment for 5 years he’s decided to branch out into showing veg and is well ahead with his plans for this year. Take a read of his blog for an insight into what it takes to get started, mainly a lot of hard work and tonnes of sand at the moment!

Off the plot Rachel transferred her elderberry wine into a new demijohn, we had a quick taste, it has promise. And we sampled the sloe gin that we started 3 months ago, it’s tastes really good already, and it should develop to be even better in a few months. My favourite winter tipple.

I hope you’re all having productive weekends and managing to get out there and catch up with those jobs!

Update: just realised this is my 150th post, where did that time go!


18 responses to “So much to do!

  1. Cheers Damo for the mention
    Was good to meet you and show you around my plot and my carrot/parsnip set up
    Looks like you were quite busy when you got back
    Amazing what a bit of motivation does

  2. Looks like you got busy when you left me
    Nice to meet you today mate
    I also went back down the plot then out to Broughton

  3. PS thanks for the mention mate, I’m sure we will both have a good year

  4. christopher crowther

    nice comments hope you do well im just starting as well but youve got a good mentour

  5. Phew! You’ve been busy! Too wet and windy to do much up here this weekend. Good luck with the show veg.

  6. Good luck, that’s a serious undertaking, growing prize-winning carrots and parsnips!

  7. One of the problems of an allotment as compared to growing in your garden is that more effort has been made to stir yourself to get ready and go – and at the moment we aren’t being very successful at that!

  8. It’s far too wet and blustery to get much done here at the moment, but it sounds as though you’re making a good start. Growing show veg would be a step too far for me, I can’t grow a carrot to put on a plate never mind one to put on a show bench.

    • I have a fear of lifting the first one early August to reveal a pencil thin manky parnsip! We’ll see, it could be a short career move.

  9. Getting ‘out there’ where I live means running the risk of dissolving.


  10. Looks like it’s going to be a busy growing and showing season!
    Well done on 150 posts, and I hope to read lots more in the future. I’m approaching my 500th!

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