Chit On!

At last the new season’s seed potatoes have arrived and I can get on with chitting them. I’ve gone for the following varieties:

First Early – Lady Christl
Second Early – Kestrel
Salad – Charlotte
Maincrop – Desiree & Maris Piper

I grew Charlotte and Desiree last year and was very pleased with them and I’m hoping the others I’ve chosen this time will be as good. I’m planning on buying a ‘wild card’ at the Hampshire Potato Day on Saturday week – maybe a coloured variety if anyone has any recommendations?

What varieties are you growing this year?

Update: Mal has done a great post on coloured potato varieties to help me find a favourite. There’s also a discussion started on UK Veg Gardeners, so join in.

Lastly, thanks to Jo over at The Good Life for The Stylish Blogger award. This is the first time that I, or anything I’m associated with, has been called stylish so thank-you Jo, I am honoured. Jo has picked 15 blogs to pass this award onto. Now I can’t separate 15 out from all the blogs I read, you know who you are from the links from this site and my visits and comments.

We’re up in Derby this weekend so no work will be done on the plot. Hope you all have a great weekend!


26 responses to “Chit On!

  1. christopher crowther

    i also grew charlotte last year and her indoors loved them i have herd maxine are a good red spud ill try them if i see any for sale good luck chris

  2. Thanks Chris I’ll look out for Maxine. Charlotte is a banker salad spud, I’ve grown them for 3 years and they’ve always been good.

  3. I’m growing Arran Pilot and Maris Piper this year. I might end up buying another variety yet though. I haven’t grown either of these varieties before so I hope they do well.

  4. Boo! Ours haven’t arrived yet! 🙂
    I’m not telling what we’re growing yet, it would deprive me of a Blog Post!
    Never tried Lady Christl so it will be good to hear how they do.
    Good luck with your spuds.

  5. Our seed potatoes arrived yesterday after only ordering last Thursday – you already know from my blog we have Lady Christl and Charlotte in common.

  6. Right a call to action – must get spuds! Thanks Damo – my head in away with the fairies.

    • I’m glad I’ve helped in some small way Carrie, you may have a potato day near you somewhere, I’m hoping my local one will be a good place to pick up something unusual.

  7. Congrats on the award! I’m still waiting for my seed potatoes – I’m only growing First Earlies, only a half plot so not much room really I so many other things I want to grow… I’ve gone for “Swift” because I can plant them closer together which makes better use of the space available – that’s the theory anyway… Have a great weekend.

    • It’s a good plan Janet and to be honest I’m not sure where mine will fit in at the moment. Hoping to get some extra plot space or I will be using whatever containers are at hand!

  8. I got a similar box to yours on Tuesday – but all baby new ones so I still need to get some maincrops. I’m hoping I can make it to our local potato day next month – although there is a distinct possibility that all the choice will paralyse me!

    • Hi Louisa, I’m sure there’ll be a huge variety to choose from which may be a bit overwhelming. I’d like to pick a variety I’ve not heard of before and see what happens. Best of luck.

  9. I’m also growing Charlotte, Kestrel and Desiree all of which I’ve grown before along with the first early Vales Emerald. It’ll be be interesting to see how we compare.
    Well done on being given the stylish blogger award.
    Enjoy your weekend away!

  10. Coloured varieties? I’ve posted some ideas on my blog.

  11. I am having to rely on the potato day; I can’t order any in case they arrive after I’ve gone away. I thought a February break would be fine, but it’s put the brakes on garden preperation!

    Oh well, I’ll just have to suffer the beer and curry and sunshine, and pick up the pieces when I return!

    • It’s a hard life IG, enjoy your winter break, it’ll be there when you get back. There’s never a good time to leave the garden to its own devices.

  12. Still waiting for mine mate. Not getting them until I meet up the my NVS group on the 8th February
    Hope you will be attending with me as their is a very special guest speaker

  13. I admit the words ‘early’ and ‘leggy’ came to mind.

    Never mind.

    Have fun!

    • You may well be right there patience is not my strong point when it comes to sowing seeds. At least I’ll have something to keep an eye on and nurture and I can always sow a few more in a month or so. I’ll call it an experiment to find the optimum sowing time!!

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