Shovel & Fork

It’s been a beautiful morning down here in South Wilts and I’ve managed to get the main task done – moving this pile of chicken manure!

A chap down the road delivered this £20 load and dropped it on the Dahlia bed. It’s great stuff, well rotted, ‘black gold’ in gardening terms. As it’s just like soil I’ve spread over all the beds, bar the one I’m growing roots in, and lightly forked in. The worms will do the rest for me. No need to dig if you don’t have to I say! And what’s left in the pile will fuel my Dahlias.

The next job was to dig up all the Jerusalem Artichokes, I had grown a 10 foot row of them planted late February last year. We’ve decided we’re not particularly fond of the taste after a couple of years of trying them out. It’s a shame as they are so easy to grow and a very productive crop. I can’t guess how many I dug up but it’s 10s of kilos of tubers. I’ll try and give some away so they are not wasted. So if you’re in the area and want some give me a shout.

And lastly the first signs of spring have returned to the garden. A beautiful little collection of crocuses are the first flowers in my snowdrop-free garden. With daffs and tulips pushing through it won’t be long now until those spring blooms come good. Hope you’re having a good weekend!


12 responses to “Shovel & Fork

  1. Hope you manage to get rid of the Jerusalems as they have a habit of sticking around!

    No snowdrops – now you must remedy that!

    • I’ll be digging over the ground again Sue just to be sure as they can grow from the smallest piece of tuber. I had a vision of a carpet of snowdrops under some trees in the front garden but then the reality of planting hundreds of bulbs hit home!

  2. It’s been a gorgeous day here today too, lovely for this time of year. That’s a lot of Jerusalem Artichokes, I hope you manage to give them away, it would be a shame for them to go to waste. The crocus look very cheery, it’s nice to see some colour in the February garden.

  3. I shall be digging out my compost heap sometime soon, which will mostly go where I’ll be growing potatoes.
    I dug out some missed J A’s and got a bucketful of tubers, and like you I’ll be digging again just to make sure!
    Lovely crocus, I do like the yellow ones.

  4. Sounds like a near-perfect day, and very similar to my Saturday, although I was digging in horse manure and digging out stones. I suppose it was inevitable that the bed I plan to grow my root veg in would prove to be the stoniest. Shame about the Jerusalem Artichokes, I love them, and plan to grow a “hedge” as a windbreak. Assuming I get that area dug out of course…

    • They would if been the perfect veg if we’d have liked them that is! Great as a screen, virtually no maintenance. Sadly one I won’t be growing though.

  5. Chicken Manure! Great stuff 😉 It’s been a wet weekend for us so more maintenance stuff than anything ‘productive’. Love the crocus pic.

  6. Hello – not sure how to contact you apart from leaving a comment! We live nearby in Salisbury and have just been establishing some raised beds and a polytunnel. We’d love to get hold of some of the chicken manure from your supplier. Could you possibly pm me with a phone number for them? Much appreciated.

  7. Hi Julian I’ll be in touch.

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