Patience is a Virtue

Regular readers will know I’m a laid back grower, but when it comes to sowing seeds I can be a little impatient. Despite sitting on my hands I can’t resist getting a few seeds on the go towards the end of January. Now it was time to prick out those seedlings and let them grow on all cosy in a south-facing windowsill.

There were half a dozen Tomato ‘Golden Peardrop’, 4 Aubergine ‘F1 Bonica’, 6 Pepper ‘Annaheim’, 4 chilli ‘Cayenne’ and some Onions ‘Globo’. They should be OK on the windowsill with the radiator below giving them some gentle heat. I resisted sowing more, just a few Lettuce ‘Webbs Wonderful’ for some early salad leaves.

One veg that I will be sowing soon are parsnips. But we haven’t finished eating last year’s crop yet. There’s about 20 left from sowings almost a year ago. They’re such a reliable veg standing in the ground all winter. I’ve not had any trouble with pests and the pigeons and caterpillars don’t like them. If it wasn’t for their long growing season they would be the perfect veg.

Best of luck if you’ve already sown some seeds. If you haven’t then you have the patience of a Saint. I’ve tried to wait and failed miserably!!


20 responses to “Patience is a Virtue

  1. argh, I hate reading posts of people who’ve started sowing their seeds … it makes me feel so behind – but I’ve nowhere for them to go, where they will be safe … so it’ll be March at the earliest for me 😦

  2. The only reason I haven’t sown any parsnips yet is because I ordered them through the allotment association and the order hasn’t arrived yet! along with my spuds, cabbages, sprouts… I have been seeking solace through digging and sowing perennials.

    • With the cold weather predicted for the next couple of weeks I may hold off until end of Feb. I sowed in Feb last year and had some good parsnips.

  3. Those Parsnips look pretty impressive for garden grown ones

  4. We sowed our parsnip seeds on 9 April last year and still have plenty to harvest so there is really no great rush.

    It’s amazing how things just catch up anyway.

    • I agree Sue that’s fine for Autumn/winter harvesting but I’m growing for August shows in the pipes so will need to sow in the next 2-3 weeks.

  5. So exciting to see the first little seedlings coming through!

  6. You’ve absolutely no reason to grow your parsnips in pipes when you can grow them in the ground so straight. They look lovely, and how wonderful to still have some to harvest. Parsnips are one of my favourite veg and my daughter would eat them until they came out of her ears if I let her.

    • That’s very kind of you Jo, I was quite happy with them but a part of me wants to see how far I can take it. I’m only experimenting and it’s all in an area of a few square feet. You can’t have enough parnsips in my opinion.

  7. As I plant and sow most things direct in the ground I have to be patient!
    I hope that the parsnips I grow this year are as good as those!

  8. Damo, I finally succumbed to peer pressure and sowed my first seeds of the year today – 6 different varieties of chilli. Maybe the fact that it was Valentine’s day was an omen — I shall lavish on them them as much TLC and love as I can muster…

  9. Nice one Damo!!!! I’m not the only crazy fool who has been sowing during january then?!?! Maybe we should start our own group on UKVeg… “Impatient sowers”
    Your seedlings are all looking pretty good! You should get some nice early crops from them.

    • Hi Simon, no you’re not alone!! I had to resist sowing more to be honest. I expect to lose one or two along the way but may get a few early plants from them. I always have loads of seed left over anyway so what’s the harm?

  10. ah, then it’s all okay – we have the patience of Saints – that does make me feel better. I have been of the opinion that we are just way behind this year and will never catch up – eek!
    I LOVE parsnips so much, we still have some mammoth ones 🙂

    • You have more patience than I Carrie, you’re not behind at all, they all catch up in the end. Parsnips are so good aren’t they, I will be planting a lot more this year.

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