Mix it Up!

My first day off of the year meant I could get on with making the mix to go in the pipes. You’ll remember I’ve now got 16 black soil pipes around 4′ long buried in one of my raised beds. Half will be for growing long parsnips and the other half carrots.

To fill 8 pipes with the mix for parnsips took 25 gallons which I made in batches in the cement mixer.

I then filled the pipes a foot or so at a time and soaked the mix to make sure it was nice and moist all the way up the pipe. They’ll now be left to settle before sowing in a few days time.

And it’s Emily’s 2nd birthday today so Rach has made a chocolate hedgehog cake. So no more gardening it’s party time!


21 responses to “Mix it Up!

  1. Hi Damo,

    Hope all is well.

    Happy Birthday to Emily, hope she has a lovely day.

    Catch up soon.

  2. Richard (Vegblogger)

    If I send a doggie bag, can I have a bit of cake, please?

  3. Richard (Vegblogger)

    Do you mean ’25 gallons’???

    • Good question, measurements were never my strong point – God knows how I got a science degree! I measured out the mix using a standard bucket which was marked as 14 litres capacity, roughly 3 gallons. Each mix was 10 gallon, a cement mixer full, which filled about 3 and a half pipes.

  4. Have a lovely party and Happy Birthday Emily

  5. Cake looks rather more delicious than your “special mix” – good luck, hope all the effort is worthwhile. Don’t forget to grow some stuff just to eat too 😉

    • It’ll all be eaten! This only takes up a fraction of the space I have. As I’m growing for a specific date there’s a flurry of activity now but after that it’ll be the usual veg growing.

  6. flipping heck that chocolate cake looks marvellous x

  7. Happy Birthday Emily! Chocolate is nicer than parsnips (well, in Birthday cakes anyway…) At least you didn’t use the Food Processor for making your special mix, Damo.

    • Thanks Mark, I have designs on the coffee grinder though although it’s only me that uses it anyway for spices and I’m sure if I wash it out we won’t taste the calcified seaweed!

  8. Happy birthday to Emily. The cake is wonderful, I bet there isn’t much left now. What date are you aiming for with your carrots and parsnips?

    • Hi Jo, thanks and yes it’s all gone! Mid-August is the date for them, I’ll be sowing the parsnips on Sunday with carrots to follow in a week or two then stump carrots 3rd week of March approx.

  9. Great cake! But if I was Rach I’d be upset at the pic being right under the pic of the cement mixer! Without reading it looks as if the mix was poured to make the cake! 😉

  10. hedghog cake is the best!! Next time could you use the cement mixer to make a huge one so we can all have a slice????
    Happy Birthday Emily!!!

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