Little Helpers

Spring had definitely arrived today with some glorious afternoon sunshine which made it a pleasure to be out in the garden. And I had two little helpers with me to make sure I was doing all the jobs properly!

The daffodils are out in full bloom and the tulips are coming through nicely both in the flower bed and in the pots. Around the garden there’s forsythia, primroses, hellebores, pansies, lungwort and heather all flowering. In the veg plot there is no sign of the parnsips germinating yet. I’ve also sown long carrots in pipes and stump carrots in a couple of old dustbins. Fingers crossed I’ll get some decent specimens in the summer.

The broad beans are doing well, as are the onions that were overwintered. I’m still digging up parsnips from last year but there’s no sign of the PSB yet, hopefully it will start to sprout in the next couple of weeks, it’s one of the great treats at this time of year.

Under cover all the brassicas are at pricking out stage – cauliflowers, cabbage, brussel sprouts, PSB, and calabrese. There’s a tray of Red Orache, mangetout and sunflowers germinated and I’ve just sown some Burpee’s Golden Beetroot in modules this afternoon. So much to do now for the next few weeks to keep up with everything.

And I’ll be even busier this year after meeting a chap in the next village who is happy to share his garden veg patch with me. I’ll be able to do the heavy digging work and we’ll share the crops so I should be self-sufficient in veg through the summer and autumn months this year.

It’s the Winterslow & District Horticultural Society’s Spring Show on Saturda 26th March. If you’re in the area pop into the Village Hall from 2pm to take a look at the exhibits. I may even enter a few myself this time!


19 responses to “Little Helpers

  1. Broad beans looking really good mate
    I have planted any this year

  2. Your Broad Beans look very advanced – I have only just sown mine. But my PSB is cropping well now, so at least I’m ahead of you on one thing! Do you find that parsnips sometimes task AGES to germinate?

    • They do take an age Mark, I’m reliably informed around 40 days is the norm. Well done on the PSB mine’s a late variety so should crop in April hopefully.

  3. Our broad beans are still in the packet!

  4. Things are certainly getting busy now, I love it. Good luck on Saturday if you decide to enter. Lovely photo of the girls.

  5. Good to see that it’s all going well, and that you’re being properly supervised!
    Enjoy the show on Saturday. It’s a good way to really start the new season off.

  6. All looking great there. My plot still looks a tad empty as I missed out most winter veg last year (bad organisation…) but its seedlings-a-go-go in the greenhouse lol 😉

  7. Congrats on the extra veg space 🙂
    You Southerners do annoy me 😉 What with your broad beans planted out and stuff. We have our frist sowing planted out but they are still being molly-coddled against frost. Second, main sowing are coming along but we wont risk them yet.

  8. Hi Damo – all looks and sounds very organised! I have some broad beans in but hope to get more in soon. And must sow some more stuff in the greenhouse – busy busy busy! Good luck with your carrots, look forward to hearing how your land-share thing goes. How will you organise what to grow where between you?

    • I’m a Northener in exile Mo! And they’ve been planted out since early November, the snow is good for them, toughens ’em up! Less prone to blackfly as well I think (?)

    • Thanks Janet, not sure how we’ll organise things yet. I think I’ll help out and share the produce that my friend wants to grow – take the strain of the digging and planting out etc. And maybe have a patch of my own to grow some veg that I don’t have to keep a close eye on. It’s a busy time at the moment for sure!

  9. Do you hire those helpers out? I have a ton of jobs to do, and some of them seem likely to cause injury, so I good do with some cheap labour!

    • They’re in training at the moment IG once they can get up the ladder to clear out the guttering and other risky tasks I’ll let you know!

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