Winning Photos

Here’s my photo selection from the Spring Show were I won a trophy for most points. The theme was “Home and Garden”.

Top left was in the class “Playtime in the Garden” and features my daughter, Chloe, having fun with the bubble machine. It got first prize and some nice comments from the judge.

Top Centre is a photo of my dog Polo; the only photo that qualified for “Animal/Birds in the Home or Garden”. Not surprisingly unplaced.

Top Right was stretching the category as it’s not my garden but Mottisfont Abbey near Romsey and in my eyes qualified as a photo of a “Garden Feature”. No points for this one either.

Bottom left won second prize for a “photo of a plant in a container” – Snake’s Head Fritillary which is now planted in the garden among the daffs.

Bottom centre was a toungue-in-cheek entry into the “photo of a wheelbarrow and garden tools” class. I entered this with the caption “sometimes gardening is a messy business!” The judge agreed saying gardening was “organised chaos” at the best of times and gave me a first.

Bottom right is a picture of Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai, India. Entered into the class “Washing Day” with the caption “And not a packet of Daz in sight!”. Although this was my best picture it was stretching the theme somewhat so didn’t score.

So two 1sts and one 2nd prize was enough to win the section and pick up the trophy. I’ll try again next year!


10 responses to “Winning Photos

  1. Great bubble photo, captures the joy and concentration perfectly, but my favourite is the “slightly organised chaos” shot. Where is the photo of the trophy?!

    • Thanks Janet, the garage situation has got worse since I took that photo as well, I need to sort it out. “Trophy” may have been streching it slightly, it’s the shield in the bottom photo.

  2. Ha ha, I like the wheelbarrow and garden tools one.

  3. I like the gradening mess photo too!

  4. Well done! At least you entered and used your imagination which is more than some people do.

  5. Congratulations on winning! I love the photo with the bubble machine.

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