Spuds & Tulips

Had a busy afternoon in the garden getting most of the first and second early potatoes in. I planted a couple of rows of Charlotte and put the remainder of the Charlotte and Kestrel into 17 litre polypot bags. I’m trialing them this year to see if I can grow a good crop in bags and save space on the plot for other veg. I managed to get 15 bags filled with a mixture of compost, top soil, fertiliser and vermiculite so fingers crossed they’ll do well. Just Lady Christl to go now and then onto maincrop. The main varieties will go in my shared plot up in the next village where there’s lots of broad beans, onions and shallots that have just been planted.

The long carrots are up and there are a few of the stump carrots showing. All the seedlings in the greenhouse are doing well with the broad beans, beetroot, caulies, cabbage, calabrese, brussels, psb, sunflowers and red orache coming on nicely. I need to sow some rocket, radish and spinach direct in the beds tomorrow evening if I get a chance.

And a real April treat the PSB is out and will be ready for Sunday dinner, can’t wait to try it!!

I dead headed the first of the daffs as well and their vibrant colour is being replaced by these lovely tulips.

I hope you’re all having a colourful and productive weekend!


29 responses to “Spuds & Tulips

  1. Those Tulips are awesome mate

  2. Wow, that PSB is a magnificent plant! Great photo – save that one for the next photo competition!! Tulips also very, very beautiful. Wish I’d got round to planting some….

  3. You sound busy, and it’s all looking good. I like the look of those cream and white tulips.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  4. What about the spuds you got from Whitchurch?
    Was it NVS Sherine ?

  5. Damo, with PSB like that you have my respect any time! Yours looks as if it has more leaf than mine – did you feed it? If so, what with?
    P.S. Tulips are nice, but you can’t eat them, so I’m less interested in them than in hearing about the spuds! I’ve planted all mine except the Pink Fir Apple, on which the chits are still microscopic.

    • Thanks very much Mark it is a cracking specimen my best one yet. Well rotted chicken manure is the only thing my veg plot gets on a regular basis and they seem to thrive on the stuff. Good luck with your spuds!

  6. Lovely tuilps, I took seed from our snakeshead fritillaries last year which has germinated and looks like grass – don’t know how long it will take to look any sort of size!

    We’ve just got our potato sack planted up – none in the ground just yet – next week! I hope anyway.

  7. Hope you enjoyed your psb, it looks great. Many of my tulips got blown about and damaged in the high winds we had again last week. I love snakeshead fritillaries, mine have just started blooming.

  8. Hi Damo, you busy bee you ! your PSB looks far healthier than mine, but I have seen the little purple heads coming, so I’m hoping for some to eat real soon.
    Have a great week.

  9. The tulips are lovely. Hope you enjoyed the PSB 🙂
    We had rain this weekend, not enough but useful all the same.

  10. I am jealous of your PSB, I love the stuff – but hey, my seedlings are up so maybe next year… Got the last of my potatoes in the ground yesterday, but none of my tulips are out yet. Hope PSB was delicious…

  11. How do you stop slugs and greenfly from messing up your tulips?


    • I don’t do anything with them, the low lying tulips do suffer the odd slug bite but the taller ones don’t seem to. I don’t have many slugs/snails in the garden (famous last words!). And I haven’t noticed any greenfly, I may just be lucky!

  12. Extremely jealous of your snakeshead fritillary-I’ve tried several times to grow them, even put potted plants in one year, but no luck-what’s your secret?

    • No secret Jan this is just a pot plant stuck in the ground. I find a healthy balance of neglect and indifference works wonders for me……most of the time!

  13. You have been busy!
    I’ve had to deadhead some daffs this week – made me feel sad that they’re going already. Never mind, lots more to come soon. Am hoping to try the first of my rhubarb this week.

  14. Jesus, the only thing I’ve sowed thus far are the broad beans. That said, I have got to get a move on!

    Spuds will wait until Good Friday!

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