Sow, sow, sow!

With the warmer weather truly settled in for a few days it’s time to sow, sow, sow here at the Two Chances Veg Plot. With Rachel away in London I’m looking after the girls so what better way than getting them to help me in the garden. I use the term ‘help’ very loosely indeed – so while they were ‘helpfully’ raking the gravel from the path onto the lawn and tipping soil onto the plants, not to mention trying to scoop water from the watering can with an empty plant pot and trying to drink it whilst it leaked from the bottom all over them – I got on with some sowing.

The greenhouse is filling up nicely……..

There’s a long list of seedlings that have been pricked out and are now growing on:
Brussel Sprouts (Bedford & Evesham Special donated from a friend), Calabrese (aquiles), Cauliflower (snowball), Cabbage (golden acre primo), Celeariac (donated from a friend), Broad Beans, Mangetout (oregon), Early and Late Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Aspargus Peas, Beetroot (burpee’s golden), Red Orache, Tomatoes (various), Chillies (cayenne), Peppers, Aubergines (bonica), Sunflower and Pot Marigolds.

And sown this morning:
More cabbage, cauliflower, calabrese, mangetout and lettuce and for the first time courgette (Defender), pumpkin (rouge vif d’etamps), runner bean (moonlight), dwarf french (purple teepee and ferrari), dwarf borlotti (firetongue), cucumber (carmen), parsley, basil, thyme, chervil, summer savoury, coriander, nicotania, alyssum and french marigolds.

Growing away on the plot are parsnips (gladiator), carrots (sweet candle), onions (radar), shallots (hative de niort and golden gourmet), garlic and broad beans. Last year’s leeks and parsnips are coming to an end and the PSB is just coming into its’ own to fill the gap. More parnsips and carrots have been sown direct along with lettuce, radish, beetroot and spinach. And all the first and second early potatoes are in.

Talk about hectic!! But it’s great to see everything coming up and looking healthy and green. It’s going to be a great harvest this summer I hope!

And there’s some lovely spring flowers in the garden as well. I’m going to take a break later to watch the Grand National having placed my annual bet on Ruby Walsh, an each-way on State of Play and the pot luck work sweepstake pick Calgary Bay. Have a great weekend!


15 responses to “Sow, sow, sow!

  1. Sometimes, when you look in the mirror and see a tattier more-bleary-eyed version of your Father looking back at you, you realise that you have to try and get your life back on a more even keel.

    Reading this blog is the gardening equivalent of that for me!

    • Thanks IG, sorry about that! I can get on with the veg growing alright but still can’t pick a National winner since Minnehoma in ’94!

  2. You’ve certainly been busy, and if all goes well you’ll sure end up with a great harvest!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  3. The joy of having help in the garden!

  4. I’ve been doing lots of sowing today in the sunshine too, it’s the perfect weather for it. Hope you managed to get tidied up after all the ‘help’ your girls provided.

  5. Very nice mate
    The greenhouse looks bigger than I remember
    Is it one of those Tardis greenhouses?

  6. How’s the snips and long carrots doing?
    Got any photo’s?
    Mine are approx 4″ now and doing nicely
    All are thinned down to one
    Have you started thinning yet ?
    Sooner you do it, faster they will grow

  7. Sounds like my Saturday! I am now panicking slightly as I have (a)done my back in and (b) run out of pots and my tomatoes need potting on…

  8. Hi Damo; Congratulations on being featured on the Dobbies’ Great Gardening Blogs of Britain! Fame at last eh???

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