A Bit Thin on Top

Time has come to thin the long carrots and parsnips I sowed in pipes a few weeks ago. Following an in-depth, scientific analysis, and after weighing up a long list of pros and cons I went for the ‘pull’ approach rather than the ‘snip’ approach advocated by Darren. Two reasons, I couldn’t find any scissors, and I thought it would be a lot faster (it was getting a bit nippy outside this evening). And I was right, in a couple of minutes the job was done and I was back indoors with the kettle on!

And here’s the results. Now all they need to do is grow. With one huge variable in the equation……me!! Will I be able to nurture these chaps to the August show bench??

And to top it all off the Two Chances blog received a nice mention from Dobbies. Just waiting for that chap from the Observer Sunday supplement to give me a call now. Not a bad day all in all!


13 responses to “A Bit Thin on Top

  1. Parsnips are coming along great mate and look fantastic and the Carrots are not far behind
    It doesn’t take that much longer to snip than pull once you have the scissors in your hand
    I did tend to pull a few more than planned however myself

    • Thanks mate I’m glad they’re up and running. It was only a bit tongue-in-cheek, I felt I could spend ages deliberating on the merits of each seedling so I just plumped for the one closest to dead centre.

  2. Planning your column already?!

    Healthy looking seedlings – good luck on the nurturing front. I get too easily distracted to stand a chance on something like that…

  3. Fingers crossed that your parsnips flourish.

    I got a nice mention in Dobbies too – a nice surprise – their pick list comtained mostly other blogs that I like. Maybe we should all get together and produce our own book/magazine!

  4. Congratulations on the review Damo – you deserve the recognition – and following your link I’ve found some new blogs to check out too.
    Good luck for the show, I’m so impressed at the dedication with which you are approaching this year’s show! Suspect we’ll just be popping in a few things at the last minute at ours again this year, not sure I could stand the tension otherwise! Sara

    • Thanks very much there are some good blogs on there. Fingers crossed for the show, it does get a bit nerve racking even at a local level.

  5. I hope you chose the right seedlings to grow on. I hate thinning out when all those little seeds have done their best to grow.

    • I hope so too Jo, it’s a bit different with the pipes as the main aim is to get one in dead centre as opposed to going for the strongest one which you would normally do. We’ll see.

  6. Congratulations on the Cobbie mention 🙂
    Now don’t let it turn your head, concentrate on getting those seeds dead centred 😉
    Looking good, though.

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