Allotment Threat

Just read Debbie at Carrot and Kids latest post to find out the government is proposing to remove the statutory duty of councils to provide allotments. Read here for further information. The consultation closes on April 25th so please add your views before it’s too late. This may threaten the future of allotment sites up and down the country.

There’s also a thread on UKVG running here or click here to go straight to the online petition.

Thanks for your time.


12 responses to “Allotment Threat

  1. This seems crazy…. 😦 Thanks for brings it to my attention!

  2. Hi Damo, saw your post title in my sidebar and immediately thought of more practical gardening issues, such as pests! After signing the petition yesterday, I flagged it up on Facebook – if nothing else, the more people who know that they have the right (at the moment) to petition their local council for an allotment, the better. I certainly was unaware of this before Stephen’s post up on UK VG. Caro xx

  3. I’ll publicise this too Damo – Thanks

  4. Unbelievable! Am off to sign the petition and push it on FB too. Thanks for posting about it.

  5. Oh no! your link to the petition doesn’t work but I will find it! arggghhh this is maddening

  6. Thanks Damo for bringing this to my attention. Some consultation if no-one knows about it, eh? I managed to comment just in time and have posted and circulated about it so hopefully others will too.



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