Sweltering in April!

The unseasonably warm weather continues and you can work up a sweat just doing some light jobs around the garden. A day off work is a time to take stock of where everything is up to and what I need to get done over the Easter weekend.

Around the plot the garlic and broad beans are doing well.

And the lettuce, Webb’s Wonderful, planted in the coldframe is coming on.

The chillies have shot on in the warm weather.

And the first batch of dwarf beans have germinated. I followed Mal’s advice of sowing scar side down for the best results. Well worth checking out his experiment into bean germination.

I decided to plant out these Brussel Sprouts, a bit early, but they were bursting out of their pots. The patch they went into had been dug with a helping of well rotted manure in April and I finished it off by hoeing in a top dressing of blood, fish and bone the other day. I then dug the planting holes (2 ft apart, should be 3ft apart ideally but I wanted to get 3 plants across my 6ft bed) and firmed them in really well. When they get a bit bigger I can either earth up or stake them.

And finally the bluebells are starting to flower, which following the daffs and tulips is another welcome burst of colour.

Hope you all have a great long weekend!


21 responses to “Sweltering in April!

  1. Lovely looking plants Damo, but I wish it felt like April instead of August. I planted my brussels too close together too! Greedy for space… Hope I firmed them in enough – I’ll have a stomp when I am up there watering. Impressive chillies – mine are still only about 5 leaves big. Toms doing well though!

    • I know it’s a bit opressive for this time of year. I try and grab space where I can, I don’t think it’ll make that much difference to the Brussels, this is the same spacing last year and I had a good crop. I need to pot the chillies on really, always something to do!

  2. I’m another person who plants things closer than the received wisdom says we should. I think this makes for individually smaller plants, but for me this is usually a good thing. More flexible in the kitchen!
    How far apart do you plant your Broad Beans? I reckon on about 6″. Do you think that planting them further apart would increase the overall yield?
    Has your PSB finished now? My white SB is just coming to an end. It’s not as prolific as the purple stuff.

    • Hi Mark my broad beans are about 6″ apart give or take, they are a dwarf variety though and are planted in a block to support each other. My largest PSB plant is still going, hoping to get another couple of crops from it before it will have to make way for something else.

  3. My worry is – IS this summer? Last year the only bit of summer seemed to be in May!

  4. Some nice looking plants here. I agree on the weather; l really love this time of the year normally but its been hellish hard cutting hedges, digging, brush cutting etc in 25c! The only consolation are the nights are still chilly so its easy to sleep off those aches and pains! Have a great Easter.

  5. Hi Damo, your plants are looking so healthy and lush and you have a lot of thing on the go I see ! you are always ahead of the game. I still have a few things to sow next week, such as cucumbers, parsnips ( I know parsnips should have been sown by now !) munchkins and other sqashes, PSB, beetroot. Oooo it’s never ending isn’t it ?

    I have just moved lot’s of plants up to the greenhouse on the plot as they were getting a bit overcrowded in the mini greenhouses in the garden. Only problem is that in this weather that means a visit to the allotment will have to be done daily, to water them all. DARN !

    Have a great Easter.

    • Hi Maureen, there is so much to do at this time of year, April is probably at least twice as busy as any other month for the veg grower. I am fortunate having most things in the garden very close to hand. Have a great Easter.

  6. It’s all looking good!
    When it’s like this I go to plot early and come home mid morning as I don’t like it much over 20C.
    Enjoy the long weekend!

  7. Looking sensational mate
    I’m a bit like Flighty, I go early and come back when it get’s too hot
    I often pop back down early evening

  8. Oh horrors! It makes me realise I don’t know where I’ve put my chillies! (We’ve been away and I stashed plants in cool places for the days I couldn’t water them.)

    Happy Easter.


  9. It all looks very healthy and green and inspiring. (Except for broad beans – don’t like them!)


  10. Great gardening!! Our summer doesn’t seem to want to end – waiting for rain. Are you going to that festival in Downton? Used to live in Salisbury in the 60s.

    • Thanks Angie. I remember the Australian summers from my time in Sydney, wonderful weather! We might go to the Cuckoo Fair this year, I used to go all the time because I lived in Charlton-All-Saints a couple of miles away from Downton so it was an easy walk across the fields. It gets so busy there now, a major attraction at this time of year. Where abouts in Salisbury did you live?

  11. Whoops – I meant the Downton Cuckoo fair!

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