Greenhouse expansion & sowing frenzy!

The spate of Bank Holidays have meant lots of work in the garden interspersed with the odd BBQ or three! So I finally got round to building the two mini-greenhouses that Rachel bought for me very cheaply at the end of last season. They’ve joined the one I already have as an overflow to the 8’x6′ cold greenhouse. I positioned them between the greenhouse and the fence, a gap just big enough for them, which also meant blocking off a favourite path for the girls to run round – but running round between a fence and a load of glass wasn’t fun for me watching an accident in waiting! A lot of people have had trouble with these things blowing away, I’ve got mine in a very sheltered position but have also driven an iron rod into the ground and hooked it over one of the shelves so there’s no chance of them going anywhere.

Yesterday I sowed leeks, more dwarf beans, more marigolds, alyssum, poppies and rudbekia. The crunch will come when all of them need pricking out, I’ll be out there for days with the amount I’ve sown!

The tomatoes are looking good, this is the first batch, the first true leaves are just appearing on the second. With the recent weather it’s tempting to plant out some of the tender plants to make more space inside. I think Spring will have a sting in the tail so be warned, don’t put them out too early!

Hope you all have a great Bank Holiday!!


19 responses to “Greenhouse expansion & sowing frenzy!

  1. Lovely looking tomato plants Damo, and love the seed factory! I had my small planthouse rip itself from the wall and chuck seedlings and plant all over the terrace a couple of years ago, so I think your precautions are well worth it. I know what you mean about space juggling and the temptation to assume there will be no more frosts, but like you I just don’t buy it. So things will be a little cramped for a few weeks yet…

    • Seedlings will be on top of one another over the next few weeks, it’s not until you start to prick them out that you realise just how many there are! I am very wary of a late frost I just think there’s a sting in the tail as we haven’t had a frost here since mid-March.

      • Ah yes, that moment when you realise that the quite small seed tray is about to become a large number of small pots, taking up three times as much room that you already didn’t have. Wish I was better at being ruthless. Almost time for emergency measures…

  2. Re the mini-greenhouses, Damo: I usually weight them down with a couple of bricks each on the bottom shelf. Otherwise, as you say, they do tend to become mobile. I have just removed the middle shelves of mine, and their supporting rods, to make a fairly tall place to bring on my chillies, which are already getting quite big. And mine are only the 2-tier greenhouses, not the 4-tier like yours. Really wishing I had a proper greenhouse… 😦
    Ate the last of my White Eye broccoli with Easter Sunday lunch yesterday, so I’ll have to think about sowing next year’s crop soon.

    • I must admit my greenhouse is worth its weight in gold – in gardening terms – I’m sure I could get a lot more out of it as well over the autumn/winter months. I’ll convert the 4 tiers into tomato growing mini-greenhouses I think once all the seedlings are out. My PSB for next year is coming on well, starting to think where it’s going to go out on the plot.

  3. Your tomatoes are looking good Damo – I don’t trust that we will have no more frost either – nothing tender will go out here til mid May at the earliest.

    • Thanks Sue, just waiting for a frost to bite, we’ll see, hopefully if we can get through the next 3 weeks here in the South we’ll be OK.

  4. Those plastic greenhouses are great when you run out of space in the ‘proper’ greenhouse. I’ve got a four tier one and also one which has shelves at the sides, a walk in one. I’ve been doing some pricking out today, and I’ve got my hanging baskets done too, I don’t think I’ve ever had them done so early before but this weather is bringing everything on so much quicker.

  5. Nice positioning Damo. As they say up here, you’re a “canny” man! Solved two problems at a stroke.

    ps The mini greenhouses are OK if anchored. The “Walk- In” grenhouse is just badly designed. (Sorry to break the news, Jo) They can be redeemed if you add extra struts and tape all the joints and weigh them down with wet grobags.

    • Thanks Mal, hopefully they’ll last the course. I think my next move would be a polytunnel, been keeping an eye on those at the cheaper end of the market to see which one looks best.

  6. Pauls allotment blog

    Looking good Damo keep up the good work
    I have been flat out today chilling with a glass of red now though largest Onion now 11″ must have responded to the Hairy bikers LOL.

  7. Tomatoes are looking good!
    It is so tempting to plant more things outside, but its just not safe yet is it? The greenhouses will give you more room & it’s very easy to fill!

  8. I found the zips went on my greenhouse things, so I ended up putting timber and perspex on top of the raised beds as a winter fix!

    Sowing mental here too; hopefully all will be done by the end of the next 4-day weekend!

    • One of them is into its 2nd year so far so good but they are fairly flimsy things. Good job we have these long weekends, I’d never get it all done otherwise!

  9. For a change we have time off work AND good weather over a Bank Holiday weekend to get going in the garden! Looks like you made the most of it as well!

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