Successfully Overwintered?

I’ve been really pleased with the crops I overwintered this year. With the warm Spring anything that was already up and running when the temperatures started to warm up has really shot on.

Take the broad beans for example, there’s loads of flowers on them already.

The Radar Onion sets I planted back in early November are doing well. I’m sure they’re starting to ‘bulb-up’ already.

And the pansies that I sowed last Spring made it through to give some welcome colour this Spring.

Considering all of them were under a foot of snow for most of December they’re doing pretty well. I think it’s worth taking the risk with the hardier crops. And what an April we’ve had, barely any rain here in Salisbury which has meant glorious weather, BBQs, too many cocktails yesterday for our Royal Wedding garden party but who’se complaining! The only downside is the extra watering, very unusual for April, but I’m now only giving each brassica plant a good soaking once a week which is all they need and this is keeping the watering time down to a minimum. The nights are still cool though and with my Dahlia tubers out and up through the soil already that’s a bit of a risk that I’ll have to keep an eye on for another few weeks in case a late frost strikes.

So what crops have you overwintered successfully this year? Enjoy the rest of your long Bank Holiday weekend (sorry any Scottish readers!).


18 responses to “Successfully Overwintered?

  1. Wow, I’m really jealous of those broad beans – they look great! I’ve been bemoaning the same, with regards to having to water the garden. It seems far to early to be lugging the hose in and out =)

    • Hi Nate, I know what you mean you don’t expect to be watering at this time of year but the warm weather is making everything grow fast.

  2. I’ve had the hosepipe out a few times already too. It’s hard to believe it’s still April. Those BBs look pretty good. They are certainly several weeks ahead of my Spring-sown ones. I don’t have any over-wintered crops left – apart from herbs of course.

    • We had a bit of rain last night but it’s barely registered and the skies are clear again. Looks like another good day to be out in the garden!

  3. Rain last night wow!

    We have onions and some brassicas that have overwintered and of course some herbs. We dug the last of our leeks yesterday and there were the parsnips and carrots now finished as they had started to regrow.

    • Hi Sue, got the last of our leeks to eat tonight and then just the last PSB cropping and that’s it from last season’s spring sown crops. It’s been a very good run to still be eating the veg into May!

  4. You’re an excellent advert for over wintering Damo, although my Spring sown broad beans aren’t far behind yours 😉 I Love the pansies, such happy flowers.

    • Thanks Janet there’s probably an argument that everything will catch up in the end but it’s nice to have something growing over winter rather than just bare earth everywhere.

  5. Mr Middleton would have been proud of you Damo! Most of my over-wintered veg are used up now. Had some really good parsnips, swedes, leeks, carrots, salsify and still using up the shallots. Torrential rain over here today. Boy, did we need it. I swear l can see everything growing before my very eyes!

    • Thanks Trevor, it’s funny when you’re envious of somebody having torrential rain! It’s so dry here I think we’ve had a better April than some parts of the Med. I’m doing most of my watering using a can directly where it’s needed so there are hardly any annual weeds coming through as the bare areas are dry. We must have some rain soon surely!

  6. They’re all looking good. Overwintering certainly looks to be paying off.

  7. Both the plot and myself have a winter break! I like those pansies.
    I’ve been watering all round the plot every week or so for some time now due to the lack of rain. I just hope that I don’t have to keep doing that all summer!

    • Thanks Flighty I think with the usual British summer we won’t be watering for long. It does add time onto your day when you would usually be getting on with other jobs at this time in the season.

  8. Like the sound of your Radars, I’d like to try them this year. Best thing we overwintered were some calla lilies, (zantedeschia) which have been flowering since January in a cool greenhouse, putting smiles on faces with their elegant simplicity and winning brownie points for the guys who used them as Valentine pressies!

    • They’ve done really well so far although don’t store as well as their spring counterparts. I don’t grow many so it’s not a problem for me. Like the sound of those lillies, might be one for me to try out next winter…….cheap Valentines pressie as well!

  9. We over-wintered some onions and garlic, pretty much all of which survived which was a surprise as we’d not expected much really… We’ve hardly had to plant any onions this spring now. 🙂

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