Garden Projects

With the new season well and truly underway, and a recent spate of Bank Holidays, it was time to dust off the list of garden projects. You know the ones that you’re always meaning to get round to, never quite the right time to start etc. Well with a burst of energy I got the first of the 2011 Two Chances Projects completed:

Garden Project #1
To clear the old bathroom suites (3 in total) from the side of the garage and dig out the old compost heap (suspected rubbish dump from previous occupants) and generally make good the area.

Tools required – 6-yard skip, wheelbarrow, shovel.
Costs – £258 for the skip and £25 for the weed control membrane.
Estimated time – a decent days work.


And after removing 3 toilets, sinks and radiators, 1 bath, 1 shower cubicle some carpet and piping that was my rubbish I started to dig into the so-called compost heap. There was compost, although riddled with bineweed it was unusable, and also many lengths of metal drainpipe, roof tiles, bricks, rubble and a car engine!

This was the state of play at tea-break time (possibly my 4th or 5th cup!). I then laid the membrane and shovelled excess gravel over from the driveway to tidy things up a bit.

Not bad if I do say so myself. I sub-contracted out sanding and staining the garden furniture to Rach and she did a pretty good job of it.

And then it was on to the next project. Down in one corner of the front garden was what some ‘trendy’ gardeners would call a ‘dead hedge’ or ‘wildlife area’ but what I’d call a pile of old hedge cuttings I couldn’t be bothered to clear properly the first time round. So buoyed by my newfound enthusiasm I decided to tackle it. Now while this wasn’t a ‘wildlife area’ I suspected it was an ideal site for something to be quietly going about its business so I took extra care and wasn’t disappointed when I found some slow worms.

I managed to carefully move them to the sanctuary of the nearby beech hedge and carried on clearing the area.

I’m hoping to fit in a 6′ square raised bed in this space, screen off the wheelie bins somehow, and build a couple of proper permanent compost bins. Keen readers will remember when I foolishly posted about the Quick Cook Composting Method some 18 months before the project is likely to come to fruition. A warning if you’re writing about projects, make sure you’ve finished them, or are substantially down the road to completion, before you write about it!

Have you got any projects planned for this year?


25 responses to “Garden Projects

  1. Nice work! I think you’ve earned a 6th cuppa.

  2. Good job! Funnily enough, I posted about the salad bed project, and then realised how stupid an idea that was, but then thanks to the two long weekends I actually managed it.

    £258 for a 6 yard skip? Christ, I was going to get one for a clear out, but now I’m thinking that a few pick-up runs to the tip might be cheaper!

    • Skips aren’t cheap but when I factored in the likely damage to the car, hours spent queuing behind all the retired folk who still insist on going to the tip on a weekend, and the associated stress of it all, I thought that’s a bargain job done!

  3. It looks great, a job well done, and definitely worth all the hard work. My table and chairs need sanding and staining, that’s a job I need to get round to.

  4. Impressive! You have some lovely tidy areas to use for putting things that you haven’t quite worked out what to do with… Or is that just me? Love the slow worms, never seen any in my own garden, there again, if they are anywhere they are likely to be in my trendy woodpile, which I never touch in the hope that there will be hedgehogs to devour my slug and snail population lurking in it. When TNG used to smoke he would hear them snuffling around the garden late at night. Not sure we have any at the moment.

    • Thanks Janet we had one living in a burrow in the veg patch last year. I’m sure there’ll be some friendly hedgehogs around to help with the slugs.

  5. I need to stain our garden furniture too. No wonder you were pleased with your days work but the highlight for me would have been to have seen a slow worm as we don’t get them.

    • They are lovely creatures Sue and I was lucky to see 3 of them and hoping they didn’t mind too much being moved a few feet. The beech hedge is quite mature and I’m not meticulous about clearing leaves so I’m sure they’ll found a new spot easily.

  6. Totally awesome amount of work completed, Damo! I’m in need of a cuppa just reading about it! It must feel great to be able to cross off several projects from the to-do list but I can’t bring myself to like slow worms, they’re a bit too much like snakes!

  7. Wow, well done! It’s not quite in the same league but I finally put up a shelf in the kitchen that my better half had been (quietly) moaning about for months… lol how pathetic does that sound compared to your weekends work lol… 😉

  8. oh. my. goodness!!! what a sense of pride you must feel – heck I feel proud of you 😉 What wonderful work and all with the power of tea and and determination – hoorah for you (both, as the furniture looks beautiful). What an inspiring post xx

  9. Good work! It all looks great when you eventually manage to get the gravel down! Yesterday l tackled my greenhouse…what a mess. I didn’t realise how much rubbish l was storing in there. Got rid of a trailer load of stuff including about 300 odd plant pots, old trays etc.
    I white-washed the windows while l was at it as it was getting hellish hot inside.
    I walked in there again last night and it looked great!

    • It’s good to get those jobs done isn’t it, well done on sorting the greenhouse. I also tackled the garage at the weekend – I could barely walk into it before and now there seems to be acres of space. Keeping it that way will be the challenge!

  10. You sure are busy with lots done and plenty still to do!
    I’ve got no projects planned for this year now except I may give the shed, pallet patio and compost bins a coat of wood preserver sometime.

  11. Thinking you might like this link to an article about the first cygnets of the year at Abbotsbury.


    • We have been thinking of paying a visit as it’s a great time of year to see the cygnets and there’s also a children’s farm and lovely gardens down there.

  12. Oh, slugs and worms are the worst. I can hardly stand to dig in my garden. Plus, they’ve been quite handy for creating holes in my lettuce! I was searching online and found this hilarious slug video, I thought you may enjoy it – I did!

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