What a difference in just 3 weeks!

With the warm weather the plot has really come on in the last 3 weeks. Compared to the post back then this photo shows how far the veg has developed.

From front to back in the main bed are onions, shallots, calabrese, cauliflower, cabbage, celeriac and charlotte potatoes. This time of year is great you can see real progress week on week.

The parsnips in the pipes are coming on too. I’m really pleased with how they are growing into strong plants. They have just over 3 months to go before the Summer Show so they should start moving fast now. Fingers crossed.

Finally, I’m happy to say everything survived the weekend’s thunderstorms. We had a fair amount of rain in Salisbury and everything looks much better for it!


26 responses to “What a difference in just 3 weeks!

  1. Melinda Quelinda

    Your post made me so happy!

    It all looks so good! Have you had to do extra watering?

    Almost makes me wish I’d planted some brassicas! Almost!

    • Hi Melinda, thanks very much I’ve had to water some of the veg daily but the brassicas I give a good soaking from the watering can once a week which has worked. Brassicas are our staple veg – caulies, calabrese and cabbage in the summer and brussels, kale, swede and PSB to keep us going through the Autumn and winter. If you can keep the cabbage whites and pigeons off them they are great to grow.

  2. What a lovely looking plot of veggies 🙂 I’d be proud of it too.

    • Thanks very much I’m very pleased with how things are going. The warm weather has helped enormously to get everything off to a flying start!

  3. Not too much rain yet here although we had a couple of short heavy showers at the plot today and had to run for the shed

    • We’ve had quite a bit here Sue probably about 24 hours worth over the last 4 days. It’s made a big difference as everything has had a proper soaking.

  4. Looking good. Bloomin’ marvellous in fact. Have you been feeding them or is that just the power of sunshine and rain?

  5. Wow, all your veggies look so advanced on ours – our parsnips haven’t even germinated yet 😦 You should be well on course to clear the tables again at the summer show.

  6. Oh it looks wonderful! My plants/seedlings are all still inside because we’ve had some very cold weather lately and I worry that being so small still they wouldn’t survive the frost. I love watching the progress of your garden!

    • Thanks very much Lucy. It’s always best to err on the side of caution particularly with small plants. They’ll soon catch up.

  7. Hi Damo, Glad to hear you got a good soaking (in the nicest possible way!). In all my years of gardening l firmly believe that Nothing beats a really good soak from Mother Nature. Water from the tap just isn’t the same. Great looking veg. Keep at it!

  8. Looking good! i have neve had any look with cauliflour – it has always bolted when I’ve tried to grow it – what’s the trick?

    • I always do a batch of caulies and calabrese early in the season so there’s less chance of them bolting. I also find later sowings are more prone to pests despite the protection of the mesh netting.

  9. It’s great to get a bit of rain to freshen everything up after all the sunshine we’ve had lately, though we haven’t had as much rain as you have by the sound of it. Everything’s looking great on your plot, you’re way ahead of me. Can’t wait to see how your parsnips do.

    • We’ve had a fair amount of rain in the last few days Jo. I’m nervous about the parsnips, don’t want to pull a tiddler in a few months!

  10. oh it all looks so fabulous – we on the other hand are totally miserable, lol xxxxx

    • Thanks Carrie, although I know that’s not strictly true, I’ve seen your blog photos, your plot looks pretty good to me! 🙂

  11. Great looking veg Damo, and nice to see the parsnips – at least I know what they look like now 😉 I do love the way the rain means you get an almost visible growth spurt, very encouraging.

  12. It’s all looking good, I find it amazing that I can see changes daily at this time of year.

  13. Hi Damo, your veg looks amazing the rain was great wasn’t it ? now it’s back to watering again !
    I’m trying to get as much out of the greenhouse as possible and get things planted into the beds. I need the space in my little 6′ x 6′ greenhouse to pot on my chillies, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and this year for the first time a cape gooseberry, which I’ve been told gets pretty big, so it’s going to get crowded in there.

    • Thanks Maureen the rain was very welcome but it’s back to dry again now. You can cram a lot into a greenhouse, sounds like yours will be full up! Good luck!!

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