39 Not Out!

My 39th year starts here, the last chance saloon before the big one! Well before I start on all those resolutions I’m going to have to sample some of these great ciders that Rach bought for me. I’m a fairly recent convert to cider and perry and this selection from Henney’s Frome Valley, Henry Weston’s Herefordshire and Aspall’s in Suffolk are among my favourites ranging between 5.4 and 8.2%. I feel a cider farm visit down the road to Somerset coming on!


22 responses to “39 Not Out!

  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Damo, You are a Taurian like me – it was my birthday yesterday and how I wish it had been my 39th

  3. Happy birthday and cheers…said raising my cup of tea to you!

  4. Congratulations, hope its a good year, enjoy the ciderfest! have sown a celebratory pumpkin or two from your enormous rouge vif d’etampes seeds!

  5. Happy birthday. Hope you’re not going to drink all those ciders at once.

  6. Bottoms Up and Many Happy Returns Damo! A day late but wishing you a clear head and steady hand today. Never mind about the big 4-Oh!, if you’re young at heart that’s what counts! Caro x

  7. Shameless “it’s my birthday post” – LOL ;>) Hope it was a good one. Surely if you’ve just turned 39, this is now your 40th year?!

    • I’m plumbing new depths Rob! And you’re right it is, I’m avoiding any mention of the numbers 4 and 0 in close proximity to each other!!

  8. Melinda Quelinda

    Happy Birthday too!


  9. Phew! Not too late, but i did say it elsewhere – Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy 39th birthday Damo. All the best,

  11. Happy Birthday, hope the cider doesn’t wreak too great a revenge on your now-ancient body 😉

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