Mangetout Rodney!

The first of my Mangetout (Oregon Sugar Pod) are developing. A first for the Two Chances Veg Plot, can’t wait to try them!!


11 responses to “Mangetout Rodney!

  1. Looks like they are ready to eat Damo! I grow these and, in my opinion, are best when still quite young and crisp. Lucky you, mine are a couple of weeks behind yours. Enjoy!

  2. I’ve never grown mangetout before, but hubby asked for them specifically this year, and seeing as how he never ate any vegetables at all before I got my allotment, I thought I’d better oblige. I’m growing three different heirloom varieties which have been very genorously sent to me by other bloggers. I can’t wait to try them but they’re much further behind than your’s.

  3. Yum… I’m growing the same one, no flowers yet though, let alone pods…

  4. We’re growing a tall mangetout – Carouby de Maussane – which is supposed to have purple flowers so I’m looking forward to seeing how they grow.

  5. Wow your mangetout are way ahead of mine. They are my favourite veg and this year I am sowing them at 3 weekly intervals to keep them going for longer.
    Have a great week-end

    • Hi Maureen, I’m hoping we like them. I’ve got another batch to plant out in the next few days so we should get a good crop.

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