Greenhouse Sort Out

I spent the morning finally sorting out the greenhouse.

The tomatoes are moneymaker, gardener’s delight and golden peardrop in bottomless pots on a bed of gravel lined with plastic. The idea being that the gravel bed acts as a water retaining reservoir that the tomotoes longer roots can reach. And the pots themselves are watered with a liquid feed that’s taken up by the plants more fibrous roots. At the end of the greenhouse are two Carmen all-female cucumbers and around the edges of the beds are lettuce (lollo rosso, tom thumb and salad bowl), basil and french marigolds. The smell from the basil and marigolds should ward off the whitefly through the summer.

On the staging are the chillies (cayenne, cheyenne, scotch bonnet, apache), peppers (bell boy, redskin, leteus, denver, etiuda) and aubergines (bonica). I’ll take the shelves out of a couple of the mini-greenhouses and grow the spare tomatoes in end-on grow bags. I’m glad to get another job crossed off the list and everything looks a bit tidier now. Hope you’re having a good weekend!


18 responses to “Greenhouse Sort Out

  1. I bet you feel much better now that that job is done! It all looks nice and neat now. I like the tomato-growing system you are using. I don’t have a greenhouse, so my toms are grown in big pots, but it is always a challenge to keep them at the right level of moistness.

    • I do Mark thanks, a few weeks ago it was full of plants and a bit of a mess with pots and trays everywhere so it was good to restore some order.

  2. It all looks so neat and tidy and the plants look well too

  3. I just did a similar job with my greenhouse on thursday. So much better when you’ve done it! All the tomatoes are settling in well. Cool system you have your toms by the way

  4. That looks lovely, all neat and tidy and ready for just popping in and picking 🙂

  5. It looks great. Your tomatoes are further on than mine, I’ve just repotted them today but they’re still a pot away from their final ones. Looks like you’ll get plenty of chilis again this year.

  6. Looking good! I just wish that I had a greenhouse to sort out!

  7. Hi Damo, I had a good Spring Clean in my greenhouse the other week and white-washed the glass as it was getting too hot in there. Looks like you should have a great crop of veg from there. By the way, are you a curry man?

    • Hi Trevor am I ever!! My favourite food is curry, I’d eat it everyday if I could! The chillies will go straight into various curry dishes, I did a few posts under the ‘curry’ category. I’ve not shaded mine yet, I may do this year if it starts to get too hot.

  8. Smart – and healthy plants too! I really must post about my tomatoes. I fear I may lost a lot of my basil, the snails love it, and I never seem to be able to get them all 😦

  9. Very tidy. This weekend saw my second tidy-up of the greenhouse too.
    Last year I went a bit overboard on the marigolds in the greenhouse, planting almost one per tomato plant, not fully realising how large they would become. We ended up having to take several out later in the summer to reach the tomatoes! This year I am going for a more restrained four or five plants 🙂
    Several of our basil seedlings have vanished already though…
    Your plants all look very happy.

    • Thanks very much Sara, I normally go a bit mad on the marigolds too but they do keep the pests away and you can always cut back or remove one or two if needed. The basil seems very susceptible to slugs and snails, they must be attracted to it as it’s so tender I suppose.

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