Another Three Weeks…….

At this time of year it’s amazing how quickly the veg grows. This is how the veg plot looked 3 weeks ago (there’s also a link on that post to how it looked 6 weeks ago) and this is how it looks now!

I’m lucky to be growing in the garden so watering in such a dry Spring hasn’t been a problem. And the brassicas in particular have really shot on over the last few weeks.

The cabbages are looking good, starting to heart up now.

And the calabrese and cauliflowers are packed in and growing well.

No sign of the cauliflower heads yet but if you look closely at the calabrese they are starting to form; the girls will love eating these.

We’ve been eating the Webbs Wonderful lettuce for a while now and in the gaps I’m planting some Tom Thumb to keep the supply going.

And finally a new veg for the Two Chances plot this year – Asparagus Pea – it has a low sprawling growth with pretty crimson flowers, I’ll let you know what they taste like. Hope you all have a great Bank Holiday!


18 responses to “Another Three Weeks…….

  1. YOu are lucky to be on hand to water Damo – we are well behind!

    • Very fortunate Sue, I don’t remember spending so much time on watering this early in the season. Allotment growers must be struggling with the lack of rain this year.

  2. Those asparagus peas look interesting – I wonder if they taste more like peas or asparagus -I would like to grow them just for the colour of the flowers.

    • Thanks Elaine, they are very pretty and I’m sure if grown in numbers they would attract a lot of bees. I’ll post when I have tried them.

  3. It’s mad how fast everything grows – I think I’m going to have to do some comparisons.

    • It’s interesting to keep a note of how quickly things grow. With the warm spring and easy water supply it’s been the best yet. Out at my shared plot which has soil that is not as rich, and is on a slope and not watered daily the results are nowhere near as good. But things will catch up eventually.

  4. Lush! I envy you the easy watering – my own plot has been suffering due to me being ill just when it was driest. I love it when brassicas start to heart up or develop heads. Great looking lettuces – do you use anything to deter slugs and snails? I speak as one who has lost all three sowings of coriander and lots of basil to the blighters…

    • Hi Janet, I don’t use any slug pellets and they have had a go at them but I can live with that on a lettuce. Our neighbours have 4 ponds so there’s always a frog or two around to do my work for me. A rogue one occassionally survives until I hunt it down!

  5. Hi mate
    WOW….. everything look fantastic
    The Cabbages look amazing and both Parsnips and Carrots look well on track and I don’t think you have anything to worry about there

    • Thanks mate I’m really pleased with the progress so far, everything has shot on in the last few weeks. Hoping it looks as good when we come back off holiday!

  6. All looking great!

    I grew asparagus pea a few years ago, it tastes nice enough but you have to grab the pods when they’re small or they go tough and stringy realllly quickly… 🙂

  7. It’s looking great, shows the difference a few weeks can make. I’ve never tried asparagus peas, look forward to hearing what you think of them.

  8. Looking good! It could be a whole new topic ‘Is having a garden better than an allotment?’ Discuss! I would say for convenience, like you with the watering, its better to have your own garden but l am sure it must be nice to meet up with fellow gardeners on the allotment. I grew Asparagus Peas a few years ago and Paul is right. Pick’em young! They taste like, well, peas. Enjoy!

    • Thanks Trevor I’ll make sure I get ’em young. I do think you lose the social side of having an allotment which this blog replaces a little, plus membership of my local Hort Soc, but having the control over things like I do in the garden is great and being able to potter about whenever I like is a fantastic stress buster when you’re working full-time.

  9. Damo it all looks wonderful as usual. I wish I could give up some of my flower/shrub beds and grow my veg in the garden. I don’t know why you need an allotment as you grow so much at home already and so successfully too. I sometimes find keeping up an allotment and a largish garden a bit too much. I love it but it is all so time consuming.

    • Thanks Maureen, I know what you mean, running a shared plot and a garden is a stretch at the moment but I’m hoping as I get used to it I will just be able to ‘scale up’ my sowing and planting to cope with both. I grow a bit of everything at home so I am hoping I’ll be able to grow more of the things like squash and pumpkins that take up more space.

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