Harvesting in the Rain

At last it’s been raining steadily for most of the day which is much needed for the veg plot. And I decided to harvest a few veg for Sunday dinner.

This is the first cabbage of the year and the best one I’ve ever grown.

And the first broccoli head – although it’s a bit smaller than I would normally harvest as we’re going away soon and there’s plenty more to cut – with a few more broad beans as well.

The cornflower patch is now in full bloom.

I stopped my first Dahlia, a month earlier than last year, as they are growing quite quickly now. There’s another that I’ll stop before we go away and the rest will have to wait until we get back.

Hope you’ve had some rain too – funny we wouldn’t be so grateful for it in any normal British summer!!

21 responses to “Harvesting in the Rain

  1. Damo, those veg make me feel jealous. I’ll have to wait a few more days yet for the first of my broccoli. Your cabbage is such a fine specimen too – not a sign of any caterpillar damage!

    • I’ve been lucky with the cabbages, no slug or caterpillar damage. Having to harvest a bit earlier than I would have done so we can get through some of the veg before we go on holiday – and I’ll be taking as much fresh veg as I can get in the car as well!

  2. Wow, that cabbage is huge. The rain is only just starting here, we’ve had a lovely bright day today.

  3. A very satisfying haul, Damo – it all looks very tasty! We’ve also had a nice steady rainfall for most of the afternoon here in N London which is very welcome. BTW do you nip the tops off your red orach? Yours look nice and bushy in photo #3 whereas mine are very spindly and windblown! Hope the weather cheers up for you while you’re away! Caro x

    • Thanks Carolyn, I’ve nipped the tops out of the Red Orach so they bush up a bit. Also chopped all my sedums in half and am attempting to root the cuttings.

  4. No rain yet for us – our dahlias have lots of growing to do to catch up with yours.

  5. That’s a fine looking cabbage!
    It’s been raining here since last night which is much welcome!

  6. The veg look fab! When was the broccoli sown and planted out? I never have any luck with brassicas…

    • Thanks very much. They were sown at the end of Feb and planted out mid-April. I grow them in cell trays in a cold greenhouse and plant them out under enviromesh tunnels. I find the early plantings harvested in June are pretty much pest free but I need to be more vigilant for caterpillars in July and August.

  7. amazing cabbage! not a hole in sight!

  8. one word – WOW! 🙂

  9. Great looking cabbage! We’ve had a couple from our plot that have been huge too, I’m normally rubbish at brasicas too, perhaps this warm weather has helped in some way…

  10. Thanks Matt they are worth a go, these were sown late Feb, ready to harvest mid-June. It fills a gap before the summer gets too warm for cooked veg – the odd one can go into coleslaw for salads as well.

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