Shock News – Plot flourishes whilst I’m away!

Just to prove how little value I add with my nurturing of the veg plot in my absence the plot decided to have the best two weeks of the season so far. Thankfully I arrived back just in time to harvest some of the benefits.

The plot was starting to look like a jungle by the time I got back.

It’s the first time I’ve grown Mangetout and they are doing really well.

And the harvest, a couple of large broccoli heads, 3 cauliflowers, a load of broad beans, mangetout, asparagus peas and some garlic. Not bad at all! We were very fortunate to have a friend and neighbour keeping an eye on things although not much watering was needed with the rain we’ve had. And the strawberries and raspberries just keep on coming, definitely the best year for them so far. I should go away more often!!

22 responses to “Shock News – Plot flourishes whilst I’m away!

  1. Damo, the worst bit of getting back home after a summer holiday is often the urgent need to cut the grass – and it looks as if this applies to your plot! I have resolved this problem by removing ALL the grass from my garden. Looks as if your onions are doing well also.

  2. Always a bit of a worry to see what’s happened on the plot when you come back off holiday isn’t it? Good to see it survived without you, and remember it might look like it doesn’t need you but it’s all in the preparation ;>)

  3. Wow – what a wonderful harvest!!!

  4. Glad to see everything has done well whilst you’ve been away. It’s the first time I’ve grown mange tout this year too. I picked the first of them at the weekend and they were delicious.

  5. It’s always the way. You go away and the plants just go on doing their thing!

    My broad beans are a bit behind yours; I’ve only had enough for one meal thus far!

    • I had to add this as a reply as for some reason I haven’t a comments button – have I been banned!

      I was going to add What about the weeds – where are they lurking?

      • Not at all Sue, I’ve noticed a few comments going down as replies, something strange must be afoot in the WordPress world. The weeds don’t get a chance as virtually every square inch of the plot is covered in veg!

    • More to look forward too IG, the broad beans are great, one of my favourites.

  6. By the look of it you sure timed that well!

  7. Great surprise when you got back then – it’s amazing what a few weeks does!

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