Move to the Beet

The first beetroot harvest – these Burpee’s Golden had reached tennis ball size and tasted lovely.

Also picked from the plot this weekend was broad beans, potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, mangetout, strawberries and raspberries. I’m lifting the shallots to ripen off now too, with onions to follow in the next day or two.

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!


14 responses to “Move to the Beet

  1. I’ve got some of those Burpees Golden beetroot on the go too, but mine are only at about the golf-ball size stage. Do you think they taste any different to the red type?

    • They’re slightly different in taste but the main change is the colour of course which livens up the salads. I meant to sow some red as well but never did, it would be nice to have the contrast of the two types.

      • I’ve just started to lift some baby beetroot, three or four is just right in a salad (if they’re not scoffed straight out of the pan!); so that I don’t run out, I’ve been told that if I resow now, I should get more babies in 8-10 weeks. Give it a try with your red beets! Caro x

  2. I’m looking forward to harvesting some beetroot but mine are a little way off yet.

    • We have Burpee’s too and Blankoma a white variety. Don’t you leave you onions and shallots to die down before you life them?

      • Aaagh! Still can’t seem to leave a comment other than in a reply… Anyway, lovely beetroot, just picked the first of mine too, both Burpees Golden and Boltardy. I promised myself I would try at least one crop that I didn’t think I liked, and this year it was beetroot (MIL loves it). How wrong I was – delicious, and River Cottage beetroot hummus has convinced two other beetroot haters to change their minds too – result!

  3. They look good! I sowed two lots of various varieties and virtually nothing germinated. I didn’t bother again as I’m not that fussed with them.

    • Carolyn – thanks for the advice I will get on and sow some red beets.

      Jo – well worth waiting for!

      Sue – I have show classes with the shallots so don’t want them to get too big and go double which would be no good in the shows. All my onions and shallots are now ripening in a cool dark spot in the garage.

      Janet – not sure why that is happening sorry. And thanks for the River Cottage beetroot hummus mention, I am going to check that one out!

      Flighty – I didn’t have any real problems germinating them, may have got lucky with my timings.

  4. Beetroot looks great. Think mine’s a bit small yet, although my potatoes are tasting yummy!

  5. My beets are knowhere near as good as these – well done Damo

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