Dahlias, Carrots and Spuds

My Dahlias are now in flower. I stopped them on 5th June, just before we went on holiday, so they are decent sized plants now at 4 foot high.

One of my favourites is Shooting Star, a cream coloured semi-cactus variety.

And this one’s an unnamed variety similar to the pompom types of Dahlia.

Following Darren’s lead I thought I’d see how my carrots are doing.

And I was pleased with the results, a decent carrot 9″ long and 5″ around the shoulder. Hopefully before my local show the stump end of the carrots will have developed and they’ll have bulked out slightly. Still the best carrot I’ve ever grown, they have been my nemisis in previous years.

And finally I dug up some Kestrel potatoes that I’d planted on 2nd April. They had a lovely colour with the largest being 10oz – I’m quite pleased with their size after 13 weeks. The downside from a showing perspective is they have some faint signs of scab so I need to eliminate that next year but for the table they are a cracking spud!


14 responses to “Dahlias, Carrots and Spuds

  1. Carrot looks great mate, another few weeks and that stump will form nicely
    Aint nothing wrong with them spuds mate, they look fantastic

    • Cheers mate I’ve cut the haulms off all the Kestrel bags and they’re in the garage for a couple of weeks for the skins to harden.

  2. The Kestrel potatoes look great – much more exciting than your average dull creamy brown ones! I’m still hoping my plan for producing fly-less carrots will work: I have some growing in old washing-up bowls which I am keeping high off the ground in the hope that the flies won’t find them.

    • They’re a good looking spud Mark. Good luck with the carrots, I have no protection on mine other than growing a few in pipes and old dustbins. The top showers always cover with enviromesh so I am a bit apprehensive although this is for the top shows were any blemish will be marked down.

  3. My dahlias went in late so no flowers here yet. The carrots look great. I’ve had some stumpy ones which were grown in a container but I’m hoping the ones at the allotment are decent this year, I’ve never grown a decent carrot yet.

  4. I do so wish that I could grow carrots like that! I’ve not yet lifted any Kestrels but when I do I’ll be well pleased if they look as good as those.

    • Thanks very much Flighty, I have quite a few bags of Kestrel so I’m hoping they are as good. I am optimistic about my carrots this year after a couple of pretty disastrous previous attempts!

  5. Dahlia photos are divine!

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