Special Delivery Service

The girls like watching Postman Pat Special Delivery Service at the moment. I don’t know what’s wrong with the original series that just had his van and the occassional trip on a steam train not all this helicopter and speedboat nonsense. Anyway I felt a bit like a special delivery service this morning clad in waterproofs going round the garden picking the veg for dinner. And here’s the harvest.

There’s potatoes (Charlotte), French Beans (Blue Lake and Purple Teepee), Runner Beans (Moonlight), Calabrese (Aquiles F1), Courgette (Black Beauty), Mangetout (Oregon Sugar Snap) and Cauliflower (Snowball). Not a bad haul!

21 responses to “Special Delivery Service

  1. Greenfingersmum

    Looks like you’ll have a good dinner! At least this rains giving the garden a good soak!

    • Just dug up some Charlottes for tea myself, to go with the broad beans, courgettes and a leg of lamb from the farm about a mile from the allotments. Only it wasn’t raining here ;>)

      • Not bad at all.We dug some Charlotte potatoes yesterday too which weren’t bad considering the top growth didn’t fill us with confidence.

        By the way I’ve had a bit of a problem finding a link to post comments on your blog – I can only use a reply to Rob’s comment button. On the last post I had a bit of trouble too – the comment link only became visible after refreshing a few times.

      • Thanks very much Sue. I need to figure out what’s happening with the comments as a few people are having problems.

      • Leg of lamb, one of my favourites, and with a good selection of veggies too!

    • We had a lovely dinner thanks and no need to water the garden tonight which is a bonus.

  2. Your family will have no problem meeting the Five-a-Day target then! Do your children like eating the veg you grow?

    • They do Mark particularly the broccoli, potatoes and cauliflower. And the green beans went down well tonight. Broad beans are a no, saying that I don’t remember liking them as a child either!

  3. A fine harvest indeed. Your charlottes look particularly good. And your French beans are far ahead of ours, which are still rather small and only just starting to flower.

  4. (Oh for anyone having trouble finding the comments box on the last couple of posts, I found it right at the bottom of the page if I scrolled down far enough)

  5. A great haul. For tea tonight we’re having carrots, calabrese, mange tout, cavolo nero and potatoes, all home grown, with beef bourguignon. Posman Pat brings back some memories.

    • Yes I’m not quite out of the Postman Pat years yet Jo. It’s great having all the home grown veg isn’t it, so satisfying to see the fruits of your labour on the plate.

  6. Hurrah! Thanks to Sarah have found the comments box!!

  7. Lovely looking veg! I’m sure it tasted divine 🙂 It’s great to be reading about what everyone is harvesting.

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