Here Comes the Sun!

At last the sun has returned and just in time for the 2011 Firsdown Music Fayre. And it’s bringing the plot into full bloom, particularly the Dahlias which are now between four and five foot high and packed with flowers.

The marrow is finally growing.

And the squash are starting to swell, I think this variety is Crown Prince.

Hope you’re getting some sun wherever you are today. Have a great weekend!

8 responses to “Here Comes the Sun!

  1. Our dahlias are still only sporting buds and are quite short. Lack of water and very cool nights don’t help.

    • They do need quite a bit of water Sue and the cold nights have affected a lot of plants this year. You should have a nice display soon though.

  2. Your dahlias are looking wonderful. I’m sure some of those blooms will find their way in to the village show.

    • Thanks Jo and yes I expect so. I said I wouldn’t do flowers again after last year – took about 2 hours of running around to set up all my veg and flower entries, plus Rachel’s baking and the childrens as well! But I’m sure when the time comes a few Dahlias will sneak in!

  3. sun has been in very short supply round here… My Marrow has been a failure, just like the cucumbers. I produced one fruit early on , then just stopped completely. It’s alive, but that’s about all!
    Lovely show of Dahlias, Damo. Wish they were in my garden.

    • Sorry to hear that Mark, it’s a perfect day for the main music festival afternoon thankfully. Let’s not talk about cucumbers, mine are a complete waste of time at the moment unless they suddenly get a growth spurt. And having witnessed a couple of examples of top show quality cucumbers recently I’m very envious – must try harder next year!

  4. Great show of dahlias Damo (ooh, like the alliteration there!). Mine are like Sue’s, a little on the tardy side apart from the ones in pots. I love watching squash develop. I intended to try “Crown Prince” this year but for some reason never got around to it. Not much sun here at the weekend, but today is glorious – so of course I need to work…

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