New Forest & Hampshire County Show

I went to the New Forest & Hampshire County Show yesterday for the first time since I were a lad. Mainly to support my mate Darren who was entering his first ever show. He doesn’t take the easy option as his first ever veg show was the National Vegetable Society Southern Championship which is hosted every year at the New Forest. It’s open to all NVS members, not just those from the South and attracts some of the top veg showers in the country.

Darren had entered 3 classes in the NVS side of the competition (there’s also an open vegetable show that’s a lower standard than the NVS but still a good standard). Long carrots, parsnips and cabbages. I’d driven down with him the previous evening to help lift the cabbages and it was a good experience seeing the top showers staging their exhibits and picking up some tips for next year hopefully. The next morning I arrived around 10am to see them all stood at the entrance to the marquee and the judging still going on. You could feel the tension but it wasn’t long before the results were in.

And he’d only gone and done it, a 1st place for the long carrots, beating his mentor and ex-national champion Bob Brown and another ex-champion Jim Thompson into the places. What a result! I can safely say from knowing Darren over the last few months nobody has put more effort into this than he has and it was well and truly deserved, I was made up for him! To read more on the stress of the last few days visit Darren’s blog.

He also picked up a 3rd place for his cabbages, the class was won by Chris Hewlett (who ended up getting the most points overall). I’m very interested in showing veg so I took a few pictures of the other top exhibits and from around the county show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A great day out and I hope to be showing there myself next year!!


16 responses to “New Forest & Hampshire County Show

  1. Cheers mate, great post despite me being slightly bias

    Please check out my blog “” and register as a follower to support a fellow grower and to find out how I achieved what I was told was the unachievable

  2. Impressive! I somehow doubt our own village veg displays will get anywhere near that standard… Congrats to Darren on the achievement.

  3. Fantastic. Congratulations to Darren.

  4. Great result for Darren! Loved the little piglets but isn’t it early for chrysanthemums?

    • I was interested in the Kune Kune pigs as we have a share in a Kune cross that our neighbours are rearing. They are quite cute but not cute enough to avoid the frying pan I’m afraid! I don’t grow chrysants, I wouldn’t expect to see these in the garden for a few weeks though so assume they’ve been grown in a polytunnel or with some extra heat.

    • Sue, you won’t believe how hard I had to fight to prevent my wife buying and coming home with those piglets. It almost came to a public row

  5. Great post Damo – and so nice to read about mutual support between gardeners! How are your parsnips doing? Are they of exhibitor’s quality??

    • Take it from me Mark, that looking at his tops, they are going to be as good if not better than my Parsnips
      His only problem will be getting them out of the tubes

  6. I wondered if those were Kune Kune piglets! They’re my favourite animal at London Zoo which is the closest I’ve been to them. Looks like the show was well worth attending with lots of interest! Congrats to Darren, a fantastic effort!

  7. If anybody requires a Kune Kune fix they have them as well as a breed of pig masquerading as a sheep (curly white fur) at Cannon Hall farm in Barnsley. Its a great day out for the kids and the parents get to eat ‘Pinky and Perky’ via the fantastic all day breakfast or deli! lol I hadn’t twigged it was this Damo who’d helped carry the cabbages in- small world! Hell of achievement and thanks for the blogs guys, its been a great help in trying to improve my own veg. I may try and call in at Harrogate as I work there and see the produce in the flesh, so to speak.

    • Thanks Dave and it would be well worth going to the Harrogate show, a really good standard and inspiration to improve for everyone.

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