Summer Show Results

Yesterday was the annual Winterslow & District Horticultural Society Summer Show and we had over 300 entries at the Village Hall for veg, flowers, jams, cookery, flower arranging and childrens.

I entered the veg for the 3rd year (of course) and Rachel went in for the 5 cookery classes with Chloe entering the three 3-6 year old classes. And here’s the results list:

Master Gardener (3 veg & flowers) – not entered
Society Top Tray – 1st (3 parsnips, 3 carrots, 3 potatoes)
Onions (larger than 250g) – unplaced
Onions (smaller than 250g) – not entered
6 shallots – 2nd
Truss of Tomatoes – not entered
5 Cherry Tomatoes – 3rd
5 Tomatoes – 1st
Carrots – 1st
5 Potatoes – 1st
5 Salad Potatoes – 1st
Beetroot – 2nd
Any other Root Veg – 1st (parsnips)
6 Runner Beans – 3rd
8 Dwarf Beans – 3rd
8 Climbing Beans – unplaced
2 courgettes – unplaced
2 indoor cucumbers – not entered
2 outdoor cucumbers – not entered
Any other Veg – unplaced (pair of marrows)
Collection of Veg from Garden – 2nd (Carrots, Squash, Celeriac, Chillies, Garlic)
Collection of Salad Veg from Garden – 1st (Lettuce, Cucumber, Beetroot, Tomatoes)
5 culinary herbs – 2nd

Flowers – entered 4 Dahlia classes
Miniture Dahlias – 1st
Small Dahlias – 2nd
3 Cactus Dahlias – 2nd
5 Dahlias – 2nd

5 Savoury Biscuits – 1st (Parmesan & Rosemary)
Summer Fruit Tart – 1st (Raspberry)
5 Sausage Rolls – 2nd
Millionaire’s Shortbread – 3rd
Cake from fruit/veg – 2nd (Courgette Cake)

Potato Face – 1st
Sponge Painting – Highly Commended
Collage of items collected on a summer’s walk – 2nd

For the veg I won the Top Tray shield, the Challenge Bowl for the most points in the roots veg section (were I only dropped one point getting a 2nd for beetroot), and the Joe Kiff Cup for the most points overall in the veg classes. Rachel won the Winterslow Cup for most points in the cookery and Chloe shared the Junior Class with two other children and received a certificate. What a fantastic result!! We were very pleased if a little worn out by the end of the day!

Thanks to all the competitors, the committee, judges, stewards, helpers and our local MP John Glen for presenting the prizes.

Here’s the best of the photos:

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23 responses to “Summer Show Results

  1. Excellent results! You must be well chuffed.

    • Really pleased thanks Richard and I learnt a lot particularly about cleaning the roots and potatoes for showing at a higher standard. Darren kindly came over on Friday afternoon and gave me a cleaning demo. So I spent a lot more time on preparation which I wouldn’t normally do for my village show but it was a great lesson.

  2. Brilliantly well done Damo! A fantastic family effort and very pleasing that everyone brought home an award. BTW, could you please ask Rachel for the recipe for her parmesan and rosemary biscuits and post it here? … and the pie looks yummy, as does the cake!

  3. Well done mate
    Was a good afternoon out
    Some really nice people and a relaxing show

  4. Sounds as if your family more or less “swept the floor”. Congratulations on a brilliant result. All your efforts must seem more worthwhile now.

  5. Wow – your whole family must be turning in to one of those that the other competitors hope doesn’t turn up each year 😉 Congratulations Damo.

    • Yes I think so Janet! I’ll not enter as much next year, I think I’ll just do the Master Gardener and Top tray if I have things ready at the right time.

  6. Congratulations, you’ve all done really well. It won’t be long before your two girls will be competing against each other.

  7. Well done all round! 🙂

  8. Congratulations Damo. Well deserved prizes after a lot of hard work. We won a few things at our much more modest village show too, it does make you smile – and vow to do better next year. Although in your case you couldn’t do much better! Those parsnips and carrots turned out incredibly well.

    • Well done, you must be rather pleased at how you all did! It really is the icing on the cake, and makes all the effort that you put in before hand so worthwhile.
      The only possible downside is next year when you’ll not only have to do it all again but you know that you’ll have to do even better!

    • Thanks very much I was really pleased with them. Fingers crossed I can step up to the New Forest & Hampshire County Show next year.

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