Feel the Burn – A Warning to all Parsnip Pullers this Autumn!

Despite Darren’s wise advice I neglected to wear gloves and a long-sleeved shirt on Friday when pulling some parnsips for my village show.

This is the result:

A nasty rash appeared at the top of my forearm about 24 hours later and the following day it blistered. I also have quite a few smaller burns on my forearms and hands. So when you’re pulling parsnips this Autumn be warned. Despite growing them for 3 years this is the first time this has happened to me. For more info read this article.

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14 responses to “Feel the Burn – A Warning to all Parsnip Pullers this Autumn!

  1. Thanks for that, Damo. I’m not pulling parsnips for another 4 weeks, but a timely reminder is appreciated.

  2. That looks sore 😦

  3. I think it’s a combination of sap and sun – lots of plants (including grass) have sap that will burn which is why you shouldn’t wear shorts when strimming.

    Parsnip is related to giant hogweed which is a really nasty plant. Someone on our site was really badly burned all down his arm when clearing a parsnip bed this spring.

    You may find that the affected spot remains easily burned in the sun for a few years too I’m afraid so be careful

    • Thanks Sue I’ve never had a problem before just this time with the parsnips and good point about the sun I’ll need to keep an eye on that.

  4. Sorry mate I don’t mean to laugh but I told you so lol
    It’s a real barsteward and is bloody painful
    I am still scared because of it
    I won’t be growing the bloody things again. Caused me nothing but problems from growing them to getting the bloody things out

    • Fair does mate you did tell me a while ago. I’m grow a few for eating but not for show any more I think, more trouble than they’re worth!

  5. Eugh, almost makes me feel OK about not having any parsnips to pull… Am just getting over some nasty contact dermititis from something in the garden I reacted badly to, no idea what though so avoidance could be an issue. This gardening lark is no walk in the park 😉

  6. Wow, I’m a new gardener and didn’t know this kind of thing can happen!!

    • Hi Donna, neither did I until recently. I think in previous years it was always in autumn when I would have had a coat on rather than just a T-shirt and I have dug them up before but as I wanted them for a show I was hand pulling them so as not to damage with a fork. Stick to digging them up and you’ll be fine!

  7. Those parsnips look amazing, but the arm looks so sore, poor you !! I have never heard about this problem before and took a look at your links. I didn’t grow any this year, but did the previous two years and never had a problem pulling them up or taking the tops off. Never the less I will be wearing gloves the next time I grow and harvest parsnips. Thanks for the warning and for showing what the burn looks like.

    • No problem Maureen if it helps anyone from getting a nasty surprise then that’s great. I think it’s due to me hand pulling them this year as opposed to digging them up with a fork.

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