Best Carrots Ever

As I was saying in a previous post carrots have been my nemisis as a veg grower with pretty feeble previous attempts. But I thinked I’ve cracked it this year with these specimens:

These are easily the 5 best carrots I’ve ever grown. The variety is Sweet Candle, a show variety of stump carrot which has a good flavour too. Since the show we’ve been steadily munching our way through them. They were grown in a raised bed and I cored out the soil at regular stations and replaced with a compost mix. I’m really pleased with the results particularly given my track record!

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12 responses to “Best Carrots Ever

  1. So did you leave the pipes in the ground to grow them in or just the compost mix?

    • I grew these stump carrots direct in the soil in a raised bed. I just cored out the soil and filled with compost mix – about 6″ apart. The long carrots are still growing in the pipes and hopefully I’ll enter these into our Hampshire District Association (NVS) mini-show next month. I also grew parsnips in pipes which will be my next post as I pulled them all for my local show.

  2. And will only get better and better mate
    Can’t wait to see the long ones

  3. But Damo surely this cannot be! You and the carrot are not friends, have you made peace? What an lovely happy plot you have. Great carrots I’d love one to munch on right now!

    • I know Carrie I can’t believe it! I think we must have settled our difference, 3 years of rubbish carrots may have been enough and they have finally relented!

  4. Now that’s what I call an impressive bunch of carrots – by jove I think you’ve cracked it! Congrats on persevering and triumphing Damo.

  5. Very impressive indeed! I really must try a lot harder next year.

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