Greenhouse Harvest

It was time to harvest the greenhouse this morning:

There’s a cucumber (Carmen), tomatoes (Moneymaker, Gardener’s Delight, Golden Peardrop), Peppers (Denver, Annaheim) and Chillies (Cayenne, Patio Apache). Not a bad harvest, the peppers and chillies in particular have done really well this year. I’ll bag the chillies up and pop them in the freezer to use later in the year. And the tomatoes and peppers will go into some pasta creation later today.

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend.


6 responses to “Greenhouse Harvest

  1. Very similar to what grow in our greenhouse – although the cucumbers do better outdoors and we substitute grapes for chillies.

  2. That’s a goodly harvest, everything looks fab!

  3. Delicious. Am impressed by your peppers and chillies. None of my chillies have gone red yet, and my peppers are, to put it mildly, small, but we are now harvesting enough tomatoes for me to think about passata.

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